Wood grains can vary hugely, even between floorboards made from the same species of wood. These unique patterns are incredibly beautiful, with each providing a completely different feeling to a space.

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Wood floors can add value to your home, and closely considering the different types of wood grains that are available will help you to gain a better and more detailed understanding of the overall aesthetic you can expect.

Prime wood

If you are looking for a feeling of uniformity, a prime wood with its consistent grain would be a great choice. Natural wood imperfections are minimal, which means you will not see too many cracks or knots. A popular choice within modern and contemporary spaces, think of prime wood as a neutral canvas onto which you can add other design features, building up a look perfectly suited to your taste.

Natural wood.

Perfectly suited to almost every interior aesthetic and creating an inviting and comfortable ambience, natural wood floors will contain a little more variation. Boards may have slight colour deviations and the grain will be a little less neat and linear. There may be a few knots within the wood, adding to the natural detail that makes natural flooring so special; however, any small cracks will have been filled to ensure the surface remains smooth

Rustic wood

Alost every online flooring company, such as http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk, will say that rustic wood is one of the most popular options overall and gives a raw and natural aesthetic. You should expect some variation of colour and also knots and cracks; again, these will have been filled to ensure the floor retains a smooth surface. Ideal for cosy country homes, rustic wood also looks great within shabby chic interiors or when contrasted with open brickwork to add some extra character and personality.

Character wood

As its name suggests, character wood has the most personality but without ever compromising on quality. Alongside retaining a smooth surface, character wood will have a lot of colour variation, knots, cracks and other interesting features. If you want to make a statement beneath your feet, character wood will instantly add personality to your space. Fitting seamlessly within period homes, character wood also works beautifully within more modern spaces.