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3 Tips for Buying the Right Window Treatments Window treatments serve the purpose of giving you a little extra privacy as well as some protection from the harsh sun. While some might think that choosing the right window treatments is simple and easy, there are actually several things you need to think of to make sure you’ve got the right choice. Sizes, materials, thickness, and many other factors come into play to ensure that you’ve chosen the best window treatments for your needs. Find out how to make the right choice when buying window treatments by checking out these tips. 1. Room Needs and Considerations – What room are you planning on adding window treatments to? For a patio with wide open windows, you might want something with a little less coverage so you can still enjoy the view and allow the cool breeze to blow in. But for more private areas like your bedroom or a bathroom, sheer window treatments might not work best to maintain your privacy. Before you buy curtains, be sure to think about the space you plan to use them in. 2. Light Considerations – Do you really want your living room to be dark and drab? Drapes that blot out the natural light that enters your interior could take a toll on the aesthetic of your space. By leveraging natural light, you can bring an airy, spacious, and open feel to your home. Before you buy those curtains, be sure to think about how much light they’re going to let in. If you’ve really got your sights set on those drapes, you should use them with a lighter interior curtain that you can reveal by pulling away the drapes to the side.
Doing Blinds The Right Way
3. Think About Designs – The last thing you want is to ruin your entire aesthetic by choosing drapes that compromise your interior design. Design is one of the biggest considerations buyers make when choosing window treatments. The length of your curtains could affect the appearance of the space, with floor length options making ceilings look higher, while mid length or curtains that simply cover the height of the window making ceilings look much lower. Big bold patterns in bright colors can make your space look cluttered, while solid soft colors are ideal for a clean and organized look. That’s not to say however that patterned curtains aren’t an ideal choice – if you select the right patterns in the right colors, they can be a good way to add life to an otherwise, dull room. Simply ensure that the patterns you choose aren’t too hard on the eyes, and that the colors are similar to the ones already in your space.Doing Blinds The Right Way

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