Have you ever wondered why people use drink coasters? Have you ever felt the need to use them? Well, this is what we are about to find out. Drink coasters are usually made in different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the design you like, you can go ahead and get your coasters customized to suit your needs. If you are planning to host a couple of friends over for an afternoon get-together or if you are throwing a little house party, the coasters will definitely come in handy.

As long as drinks are going to be involved, you should also start thinking about where you are going to find the best drink coasters. With that said, let us have a look at some of the reasons why coaster printing is getting popular and why you need to start using the drink coasters.

Rest your glass

One of the main reasons why people use drink coasters is so that they can always find somewhere to rest their glass. If you get exhausted, you will often try to look around and see if you can find somewhere to sit on just to have a rest, right?

When in the pubs or restaurants, you can get tired of holding your glass, especially when conversing with another person and therefore you would want to rest your glass. In pubs, sometimes you just let it rest directly on the counter.

However, if you are a guest and your friend is using expensive furniture, you will need to use a drink coaster. This will prevent the drink from spilling on the table.


Drink coasters can also be used as giveaways or souvenirs. After hosting the party, you can decide and give out a few drink coasters to your host as a way of saying thank you for coming or just to commemorate the event.

This is always seen as a good gesture and will make your guests remember the day for a long time to come. You can give out unique drink coasters to bring out that amazing feeling whenever they use them or just look at them.

Protect wood finishes

As said before, whenever drinks are involved, you should consider using the drink coasters. This is simply to protect your expensive furniture with wooden finishes from getting damaged. We all know the damage that water can have on wood, right?

This is why you need to avoid putting a damp glass directly on top of your wooden tables. They will easily get ruined. However, all these can be avoided just by using the right sized drink coasters.

To completely shield your expensive piece of furniture from any liquid droplets, you need to look good drink coasters made with using a strong material. Click here to see some of the best coaster you can use for your sweaty drink: https://www.yumofchina.com/best-coasters/

No more water rings

Have you ever asked yourself why you always have water rings forming on your wooden table? That’s because you always allow the water droplets that come from the glass to stay on top of the table for a while before wiping them.

Some will have already been absorbed and that’s how you get to see the white rings forming on your table. Well, some furniture will always come with a protective finishing for such situations. But, if yours is not that much protected, then maybe you should stick to using the drink coasters.


Most people also have the coasters as collections from the places they have visited. This is actually a great idea for fun. For instance, if you visit Australia, you can collect a few Australian drink coasters and keep growing your coaster collections.

Due to the fact that they are always produced in different designs, shapes, and sizes, you can always enjoy collecting them and keeping them as a display on your shelves.

Did you also know that there is an actual term used for those who love collecting coasters? Especially those who like beer brands. They are referred to as “Tegestologist”

Brand promotion

Coasters can also be used as part of your marketing strategy. This is done by customizing your own unique coasters and use them to promote your business brand (learn how to personalize coasters here). Most small companies usually use this technique to enjoy the marketing influence brought by the use of coasters.

Since many people are using them in their homes, they will always think of your brand whenever they see the coasters and that’s how the business manages to stay relevant and even generate more sales.

Every little thing you see has their use and coasters are not an exception. If you have been overlooking the use of coasters, I hope this changed your mind. There might be a lot more reasons why you should be using these tinny mats. However, I believe the ones mentioned above are just enough for you to go get your coasters.