3 Need-to-Know Tips for Making the Most of Beard Trimmer If you’re one of those guys who grows lots of facial hair, you probably know how important it is to have a beard trimmer in your grooming arsenal. Because men grow facial hair at an alarmingly fast rate, simple razors and blades may no longer do the trick. Unlike razors and blades, beard trimmers are a lot more efficient, which is why they have become the ultimate tool of choice for a lot of men who grow beards. If you’re planning on making the switch to a beard trimmer, be sure to use these helpful tips to help you maximize your trimmer. 1. Read Up On Beard Trimmers – What many don’t seem to know is that beard trimmers come in a lot of varieties. And none of it is a marketing scheme. Different beard trimmers offer different results, so depending on what kind of beard you want, you should know better than just to pick up any trimmer you find on the shelves. What’s more, you will have to do different maintenance and care activities for each model of beard trimmer. If you’re not too picky about what you want and if you just need a beard trimmer that gets the job done, an inexpensive beard trimmer should do you good. But if you want something a little more featured, know your options. 2. Use Beard Trimmer Oil – Some models of beard trimmers don’t actually require the use of oil, but just for the sake of a smooth and easy glide, it would be wise to apply beard trimmer oil on it anyway. There is a specific kind of oil formulated for beard trimmers, so be sure to use that and not just any oil you might have at home. Once the blades are generously covered in the oil, use a soft, white cloth to clean away the excess. You should also keep in mind to remove any excess hairs left over from the previous use to get the best glide. 3. Trim Wisely – You should know that using beard trimmers entails more than just gliding the tool across your face in whatever direction you want to. To get the best outcomes, you should make sure that you use your beard trimmer in a logical and strategic manner. Use a faster setting to get rid of the bulk of the length of your beard. After everything has been trimmed down, you can go over everything again with a lower setting to even out the length of the beard hair. Once all of that has been settled, you can go over areas that have stray hairs to remove them and to give your beard a fuller, cleaner, more outlined appearance.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Tips

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