What to Do During Automobile Accidents

At some point in our lifetime, it is not far from impossible that we get to experience car accidents. That’s why you need a good car insurance program. In such cases, even with the absence of any obvious injury, there are particular actions which should and should not be done.

If ever you get yourself involved in a personal injury lawsuit due to a vehicular accident, seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer would be much of an advantage.

Remaining at the scene

If ever you incur any injuries or any destruction of property, it is only best to remain at the scene until authorities advise you that you are now allowed to leave. If you leave despite the law telling you to wait for the authorities, you might be sanctioned and might even incur criminal charges.

Protect the injured

When somebody gets seriously hurt and you are skilled and qualified in administering first aid, offer your help. Remember never to move a person who is injured, and let him keep still. Ask some bystanders to contact the police in order to report the incident. The person who contacts the police should provide information that an accident has occurred, people are injured, as well as the exact number of wounded persons for the right number of rescuers to respond. When you are on the road way, utilize your flashers and turn them on, or flares perhaps, to provide warning of incoming traffic due to the accident.

Gather enough information

With accidents, it is best to obtain information regarding the following:

  • The other party involved: Name, location/ address, license number, plate number, and information on insurance.
  • Location of the incident: Take note of the specific location of the accident, the weather, traffic control units, and the speed limits.
  • Witnesses:Inquire for their names, contact numbers, and home address.
  • The accident itself: You might want to write down details of the accident such as the time it occurred, how it happened exactly, and the parties involved in the accident.

Never admit fault

Whether or not you believe you are at fault and are responsible, never ever disclose liability. There exist a lot of circumstances revolving around the incident, and the other driver might be at fault than you. Also remember not to relay information to anyone except to the police. Only relay factual information and allow the authorities to make their conclusions based on the facts.

Obtain medical assistance

Due to some adrenaline rush present during the scene of the accident, some serious symptoms may go unnoticed. You should go see a doctor and have yourself physically examined to reveal any internal injuries or damages which were not seen. Report to the doctor any subjective, unpleasant sensations, or the location of pain, nausea, dizziness, or confusion to rule out the chances of having a head traumma.

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