April 11, 2021


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What Repairs Are Landlords Responsible For?

Landlords are responsible for almost all repairs on your property.  This does of course depend on your tenancy agreement so if in doubt we recommend you check this.  Repairs should be done by your landlord whether you are in social housing, privately rented or housing association homes. 

If you are a tenant, you will also have responsibilities too.  You must look after your home keeping it clean, keeping outside areas clean and tidy, changing batteries in smoke alarms, changing light bulbs and making your own safety checks on appliances too.

Landlord Expectations

Your landlord should undertake your repair within a reasonable time frame.  How long the work will take will depend on the repair and the severity of it.  Your landlord can also only do the repairs if they know about the problem, so if there is any problem big or small always make sure you report it straightaway.  Any good landlord will want to know about any repairs as soon as possible so that a repair can be done and hopefully the problem will not be prolonged and possibly could get worse if left.

A few of the repairs a landlord is responsible for are as follows.

Exterior & Structure

The property’s exterior and structure are a landlord’s responsibility.  They will want to keep on top of any such problems as it is their property which is an investment to them.  This could be the roof, the actual brickwork of the property or guttering, chimneys etc.

Heating & Hot Water

Heating and the hot water provided in the property you are renting.  This could be a simple fix but if left for a while could get worse so always best to report the problem straight away.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is a repair which the landlord would be responsible for.  This could be a faulty light fitting or something more serious.Wiring, plug sockets and any electrical problems that are connected to the property should be made safe by the landlord.

Basins, Sinks And Bath Fittings


Basins, sinks, baths fittings including the pipes and drains.  If they are blocked though due to a problem caused by the tenant a charge may be forwarded onto them, always check your tenancy agreement to clarify this.

The home insurance, buildings cover will be covered by your landlord.  You will need to insure your contents if it is not a furnished property. 

Heating Appliances

Heating appliances, such as gas boiler, pipes etc.According to Any from professional Rotherham plumbers HomeGlow Gas Services “Your boiler should be serviced each year by law and a certificate will be obtained at the time of the service.  This should flag up any problems with your heating appliances or whether anything needs to be replaced.  A professional engineer will carry out the work.”

You should have smoke alarms installed and if you have gas heating a carbon monoxide alarm needs to be installed also by your landlord.


Your landlord should make sure that your home is safe and is free from any hazards.  They must also deal with any damp or mould problems that are caused by disrepair.