October 1, 2022


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What Are the Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding?

When you think about the positive aspects of siding, you most likely consider of how siding assists preserve your home’s control charm. Although this is absolutely true, the main reason of siding goes far past aesthetics. In truth, siding is your home’s initially line of defense towards bad temperature and outside ailments. 

There are several widespread sorts of siding, so it can be tricky to know which is the correct siding choice for your home. Nonetheless, 1 of the most significant components you should be contemplating about and basing your conclusion on is the climate. In Maryland and Virginia, for example, the weather conditions is fairly moderate calendar year-round. 

Nevertheless, that does not signify these two regions are impervious to inclement weather. As these, your siding ought to be able to withstand all types of weather situations, which is why in this write-up, we are speaking about fiber cement siding and its myriad of positive aspects. 

But very first, does your siding truly require to be changed? 

Main Indicators Your Siding Requires to Be Changed

There are a number of explain to-tale indicators your siding requirements to be changed. The crucial factor to remember is if you do not replace your siding as quickly as you detect any of the beneath indications, the probabilities of your home incurring additional considerable and expensive damages in the long run are large.

Here are a number of indicators your siding desires to be changed:

  • Cracked or peeling siding
  • Warped siding
  • Fungus or mildew growth
  • Peeling paint or wallpaper on interior wall surfaces


The 5 Positive aspects of Fiber Cement Siding

Now permit us take a glance at the advantages of fiber cement siding. For starters, fiber cement siding is 1 of the most popular siding possibilities for property owners, and for lots of excellent causes, which we have stated below.  

  • Flexibility: Fiber cement siding is remarkably adaptable, and there are numerous various sorts of textures you can pick from. You can also custom made colour match to make absolutely sure it satisfies the general aesthetics of your home. In the meantime, it also arrives in a array of unique shapes and dimensions.
  • Toughness: Designed of cement, sand and wooden pulp and holding a class A fireplace ranking, fiber cement siding is extremely strong. With coloration that does not very easily fade, fiber cement siding is also wind and rain-resistant. 
  • Installation: Setting up fiber cement siding is much easier and frequently much less expensive than other components like natural stone, brick, cedar, wood or hardboard siding.
  • Rot and pest-resistant: As opposed to other sidings, fiber cement siding is resistant to both equally rot and pests. It is not impacted by humidity like vinyl siding and wooden shakes, and it is also impenetrable to termites and pests. 
  • Maintenance: With its great longevity, fiber cement siding does not expense a lot to retain. It can past for a longer period than 5 a long time if appropriately looked after. 


How Significantly Does Fiber Cement Siding Cost?

It is legitimate fiber cement siding can price far more than other siding supplies. Nonetheless, this is only real of its upfront cost. Due to its durability and very low routine maintenance, you are more very likely to conserve cash in the long operate by deciding on fiber cement siding. 

It is tricky to give an precise price tag of fiber cement siding as the total price tag is decided by a assortment of things like no matter if the siding is pre-finished or requires to be painted on-web page, the model of paint, the kind of siding and the all round size of your home and the surface area place that needs to be lined. 

In Conclusion 

An really powerful and durable mixture of cement, sand and wood pulp, fiber cement siding is one of the finest siding possibilities for houses in Maryland and Virginia. If it is time for your siding to be changed and you are considering fiber cement siding, get in contact with the WoW staff today for an obligation totally free estimate. 

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