April 19, 2021


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Waling-Waling Orchids Bears Flowers Early When Raised At Higher Altitude: Claims Analyze

WALING-WALING ORCHIDS BEARS Flowers EARLY WHEN Raised AT Higher ALTITUDE: Claims Analyze The manufacturing of...


The manufacturing of flowers for waling-waling (Vanda sanderiana Reichb.) depends on the spot where by they are to be lifted. If they are grown in decrease elevation, probabilities are they will only bear couple flowers. 

An initial experiment on the tradition of waling-waling beneath unique elevations tends to clearly show that elevation has a bearing on the blooming of the crops. The crops grown beneath 300 meters higher than sea degree (MASL) and down below have been noticed to bear flowers in July to August, the regular blooming period of waling-waling. 

Those people grown beneath an elevation of 750 meters higher than sea degree bear flowers in September to November when individuals grown at 1,000 meters higher than sea degree flowers in November to December. 

The experiment was conducted by Angel Puentespina, large grower of waling-waling and ornamental crops of Davao City, Philippines. 

Puentespina employed 500 3-to-4 year aged waling-waling crops for each cure. The crops ended up selected so that they ended up of the very same age and good quality. 

These ended up to start with bloomers which ended up sufficiently cared for in advance of and through the experiments. The crops ended up thoroughly fertilized, treated versus pests and disorders. Useless leaves ended up pruned consistently to maintain the plant stand. 

The to start with batch was grown at the Malagos Yard of the Puentespinas which has an elevation of 300 meters higher than sea degree (MASL). The second batch was lifted at Cadalian, with an elevation of 750 MASL, and the third batch was brought to Carmen in Mt. Apo with an elevation of 1,000 MASL. 

In each and every spot, the crops ended up put beneath web shade. Usual watering and  fertilization ended up noticed. So with pests and disorders manage actions. 

With the optimistic results of Mr. Puntespina’s experiment, home gardeners can avail of continuous waling-waling in bloom for a longer period the complete year round.

Nursery operators can get pleasure from a superior selling price of their waling-waling in bloom, since its quick to offer when the crops are in bloom. Waling-waling with flowers commands a superior selling price tag. 

If significant functions are to be held for horticulturist through off-time, say December, their will be usually accessible offer of the crops with flowers. Nurseryman can grow the flower in advance for the mentioned particular functions in the highland, where by flowering can be induced. 

Usually, waling-waling bear flowers through the months of July to August, Philippine condition. With this new study, anytime of the year waling-waling can bear flower if grown in the specified sea degree elevation final result of the study. 

Because of the excellent demand for this plant, the upcoming for greater financial investment in waling-waling manufacturing is a vital issue to engage in business basis that will guide to the application of the mentioned study to upcoming horticulturist and nurseryman. 


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