Types Of Bathroom Basins

Bathroom is the most private area of your house. It is very important that it makes you feel comfortable and at ease. To add sufficient comfort placing the right bathroom fittings in the right place is necessary. Bathroom basins in Sydney or anywhere else in the world are an important part of your bathroom. You use it every day. So, it is important that you choose the right bathroom basin in Sydney to give the focal point of your bathroom a stylish look. 

There are different types of bathroom basins in Sydney to suit all sizes and shapes of the bathroom. What you need to consider while choosing the basin is whether it is for a cloakroom where it will be used only to wash hands or for a bathroom. Accordingly, you can select the size. Basins are now available online and you can choose from a wide variety and get them delivered at home. 

Types of basins to choose from

When you get to choose a basin, whether from a shop or online, there is a wide variety, and you will be spoilt for choice. Here is some example of a few basins that can select from:

  • Full-pedestal basin: this basin stands on a ceramic pillar and is attached to a wall. The best part is that the pillar hides the plumbing hardware. They have no storage space and are best suited for areas that look a bit cramped.
  • Semi-pedestal basins: as the name suggests these basins are also attached to the wall and a pillar hides the plumbing hardware, but that pillar does not reach the floor. The biggest advantage of this type is that it allows you to clean the floor under the basin.
  • Drop-in basin: these are designed for countertops or vanity. The basin is placed in the centre of a wider surface and has a wide rim around it. This makes it easy to install. The rim supports the basin on the countertop.
  • Corner basin: this is also known as a wall-mounted basin, the only unique feature being that it is mounted on the corner of a wall. If you have a small bathroom, then installing this type of basin is a great idea to conserve space. But one has to be careful not to put too much pressure, as they cannot take too much weight.
  • Tabletop basins: These add a charming effect to your bathroom. If you have a spacious bathroom, then choosing a tabletop basin will add elegance and a classy look to the bathroom. From a utility perspective, they are very good at containing water splashes.
  • Undermount basin: these are usually installed underneath the countertop with the edge of the counter covering the rim of the basin. This has a sleek look and makes it easy for cleaning.

These are some of the basins that you can choose from in Sydney or any other city in Australia. Browse through the online sites that sell basins and other bathroom fittings. Choosing the right basin that complements your other bathroom fittings is imperative to give a complete look to your bathroom.