Tips for Maintaining Composite Decks in Snow and Ice

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If you have a composite deck, you enjoy plenty of benefits that are not available for traditional decking options. Composite decks are durable, easier to install, and they do not require much maintenance. However, that does not mean that you should completely ignore your composite decking. Like anything else that spends time outdoors, you need to pay some attention to your composite deck to improve its durability. If you take good care of your composite deck when it is snowing, you can enjoy its benefits in the summer. 

Use Gentle Snow Removal Tips

When trying to get rid of a light dusting of snow, using a leaf blower is the best option. Do not attempt to use sharp objects that may scratch your deck. Even though composite decking is resilient, it cannot withstand lots of scratching. Do not use shovels or ice chippers as they are likely to cause permanent damage.

Sweep Your Deck First

When snow season is approaching, sweep your deck and get rid of all debris.  When sweeping your deck, use a firm-bristled broom and pay attention to the spaces between the boards. Getting rid of dirt and debris in the spaces between the boards is an effective way to ensure that melting snow and ice can flow freely. 

Use Salt Rather than Sand to Melt the Ice

With the right installation, your composite deck should be able to withstand the weight of snow for a long time with minimal sagging. When you need to remove a build-up of ice or snow, consider using a calcium-chloride based product. Check to ensure that it is safe for children and pets and safe for flagstone. After melting the ice, sweep the salt away. Even though sand may be effective, it is an abrasive. Avoid it as it may damage the surface of your deck. 

Clean Up Ice Melts Quickly

When the snowing is over, clean up the granular pieces of ice as soon as possible. When people or pets step on the ice melt, they can accident track it in and damage the indoor flooring. Use some water and light brushing to get rid of it. When the temperatures rise, rinse your deck with a hose to remove all debris. 

Composite decks are an amazing combination of elegance and functionality. On the style front, they come in a wide range of colors. You can use them regardless of the color scheme of your home. In terms of functionality, they are durable, they require little maintenance, and they can retain their look for a long time. Composite decks are a lot better than traditional wooden decks.

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