April 11, 2021


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The Many Benefits of Applying Wood Stains

When you have a new deck added to your home or finally construct that front...

When you have a new deck added to your home or finally construct that front porch of your dreams, you want to ensure they last. There’s nothing worse than seeing these items slowly decay, bend, and warp as your money and hard work goes down the drain. Applying wood stains is a must and we’re going to share with you the many benefits that come along with doing so.

We are sure that you’ve seen a piece of rotting wood before. Now, picture that piece of wood multiple times over and in the shape of your new porch or deck. That’s not such a great picture. Wood is very susceptible to rotting when it’s left outdoors to deal with the elements. It’s important to note that not only will your deck look bad, it will be determined structurally unsound as well because of fear of collapsing. The most common issues you will notice affecting untreated wood are mildew, termites, and mold. These issues can’t be remedied once they start. The trick is to use wood stains to seal the wood from these issues before they ever happen.

The weather elements, such as the sun and rain, can wreak havoc on your new porch. The sun is another major culprit for problems of deteriorating wood. If your porch is left without a wood stain, it can take on discoloration due to sun damage. Over time this can drastically reduce the appearance of your structure and make it unappealing to look at. Secondly, the rain can cause major damage to the wood. As the wood takes in water, it can start to warp. When that same piece of wet wood gets hit with freezing temperatures, the frozen water inside of the wood will start to make the wood break. These are not outcomes you want to be dealing with when they could be easily taken care of with a sealant.

One important thing to remember is that your new deck is going to receive a lot of foot traffic. The constant walking and dragging things on your porch can wreak havoc on the wood if it’s left unprotected. Just because the wood looks good now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way in the future. You don’t want to not protect it and cause irreversible damage due to heavy use. Take the time to give your deck a nice stain to seal in the wood and protect it from heavy use damage.

As we’ve discussed in many points above, the reason to apply wood stains is to keep the wood looking good. With wood stains, you have the added benefit of changing the natural color of the wood to a darker tone. It’s natural to want to use specific hardwoods to ensure the stability of the structure that is built. However, you may not like the hue of the wood you choose. This is where wood stains can help. You can choose any color stain that satisfies your taste to have put on the wood.

Protecting your new wooden structure is a must for longevity, aesthetics, and to keep it free from damage. With the help of wood stains and sealants, you can protect your wood. There are limitless benefits to utilizing these methods on your project.