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The accent chair is used to increase the visual interest of the room. Because they are one piece, different from sofas and dining chairs, you don’t have to buy them as a matching combination. You can even buy two pieces symmetrically. There are different types of accent chair. These are lounge chair, armless chair, wingback chair, tufted chair and sculptural chair. 

Adding a room accent chair can immediately and very significantly change the mood of your space and can become a best choice of furniture. When you voluntarily wander in local shopping centers or department stores, you can purchase them in just an instant. Sometimes, you just accidentally fall in love with a specific accent chair without checking if it’s in good quality and is worth the price. 

How do you choose the best accent chair for you? Here is some information about the best fabrics for your accent chair. 

There are two types of floor fabrics: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers come from plants and animals, while synthetic fibers are man-made. Durable materials include cotton canvas (such as duck and canvas), leather and wool. Durable synthetic fibers include polyester and superfine fibers. 

Continue reading to know what the other durable fabrics for accent chairs are. 

  1. Linen

Linen is made from flax and is a very strong natural fiber. It has a soft, smooth and natural luster. Linen is naturally resistant to fur and dirt, and is more suitable for casual spaces than formal spaces because it is prone to wrinkles. Usually used with cotton to increase flexibility. 

  1. Leather

chair: Tan Leather Accent Chair

Leather is made of animal skins which are durable and easy to clean. However, the grade of leather is different. Make sure to look for full grain leather or top grain leather to keep it in its best condition. 

  1. Faux Suede

Usually, it is a polyester multi-woven fabric with a surface abrasion treatment, with a pile of suede-like suede. This fabric is perfect for your favorite accent chair. It is very strong and wear-resistant and easy to clean. 

4. Velvet

Larna Accent Chair - Green Velvet | Green chair living room, Accent chairs  for living room, Velvet living room

Since velvet can be made of cotton, silk or polyester, it can be applied to any category. However, polyester velvet is more durable than natural fiber velvet. Velvet is relatively difficult to trim, but stands out for its comfort, texture, and rich color options. 

  1. Wool

Wool is a natural fiber derived from animal hair and is a durable choice for your accent chair fabrics. However, if it can have slightly scratches; there is a risk that it will be difficult to clean. Therefore, most wool fabrics are blended with other types of fabrics. 

6. Cotton

White accent chair | unique white modern accent chair | Luis Diaz | Flickr

Cotton is soft and durable, but it is easy to wrinkle and stain. This is a common choice for many, because most cotton can be washed with soap and water. Few accent chair fabrics are 100% cotton. It is usually part of the mix. The highest quality cotton blends contain about 45% to 60% cotton. 

  1. Rayon

It is made of imitating cellulosic materials: rayon, linen and cotton. It is durable, but easy to wrinkle. It is usually blended with other types of yarns to form blended materials suitable for interior decoration especially your accent chairs

  1. Microfiber

Like microfiber leather, it is also one of the most durable fabrics perfect for your accent chairs. When adding water, in order to avoid staining or fading or leaving a watermark, please make sure it is 1005 polyester fiber. For the reason that it is easy to clean and it is strong. 

  1. Polyester

Brielle Polyester Tufted Accent Chair - Cream | Best Buy Canada | Tufted accent  chair, Accent chairs, Chair

Polyester has many outstanding qualities and strong durability. The fabric is 100% polyester fiber; make sure it is not mixed with other fabrics. This fabric can withstand strict daily circumstance. 

So, which fabric is suitable for accent chair? It all depends on your personal circumstances and needs, but there are some clear leaders to choose from. Generally, synthetic fibers are more durable than natural fibers, but sometimes they do not have the texture you want. If you want to choose natural materials, it is best to choose leather or linen. If you don’t mind the synthesis, it is best to use a polyester blend. Be honest with your interior, your fabric should be able to withstand wear and tear. It’s easy to like this fabric, but if you need to replace it within few years, it’s not worth it. For your convenience, I highly recommend Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They offer the highest quality of fabrics that would perfectly match your taste.