Smart Manage Allowance Tips Like a College Students

Finance is one that is needed by everyone, but not everyone can use the money wisely, even many who squander away. Having money or even credit card that gives many benefits such will give someone an opportunity to make decisions, whether they are old or young. You as a child are still financed by parents should appreciate how the efforts of parents to get money to meet all your needs, including one related to your education.

Usually when moving to college, many among you who receive pocket money regularly, for example weekly or monthly. When experiencing a situation like this, you are required to be skilled in managing income and expenditure required. Do not be spending too much. Not infrequently you may have run out of pocket money when the “maturity” is still far away. Obviously, this will have an impact on your activities in the future where you cannot meet your needs such as eating. If you are in these conditions, in order to survive, you can just call again parents to earn extra pocket money. It would be troublesome back your parents later.

Change mindset

Pocket money is usually given by your parents is to meet your needs. But unfortunately, some of you people think it is limited only needs to pocket only. This is a mistaken view. Pocket money given by parents to other destinations that you have to train you to be good at managing it as best as possible. So when there is an urgent need, you can handle yourself as soon as possible without waiting for help or the decision of the parents.

 Make a plan, group needs

From the pocket money given by parents, you have to have financial goals that acts as a basic lesson in finances. Say you want to buy something or achieve something that has not been achieved before. If you already know what the goal setting you, of course, that everything is going very well, would be much better if you try to plan something useful, including in managing your finances. You can start with I record all the needs that you have to fulfill. Once completed, the next step is you must be able to distinguish where the needs, desires and expectations and classify every point you need to the group of primary, secondary groups and tertiary groups.

The primary group are the kinds of needs that are quite mandatory for you to fulfill, such as for meals and your daily expenses. In this group enter all the points included in the requirement. Then to the secondary group are the kinds of needs that must soon fulfillment level lower than the level of the primary group. Usually included in this group are the needs that are still important to be fulfilled, but not so urgent in terms of time of fulfillment, such as buying a book. In this group, insert all points which belong to the desire. Meanwhile, for the last group that is a tertiary group will be filled by the kinds of needs that have properties that are not too important, and also not to be met as soon as possible, for example, buy a HP casing. In this group enter all the points that are included in your expectations.