Safety Tips When Working with Power Tools

When working with power tools and equipment, you must exercise a lot of caution. The electric currents available may be enough to cause serious accidents. If you work with power tools, you deal with the safety hazard on a daily basis. You must wear the right clothing and follow a few safety guidelines to prevent injuries. The following are some of the most important tips to consider.

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  • Wear the Right Apparel

Always wear the appropriate protective apparel including gloves and goggles. Gloves are especially important if you work with hand tools. Do not wear loose clothing such as ties or jewellery as they may get caught in the parts of your power tools.

  • Protect Your Power Tools

Your power tools must be fitted with safety switches and guards to avoid accidents. If your power tools are not protected, they can be hazardous.

  • Keep the Workplace Safe

Keep your workplace free of clutter and ensure that the floors are dry at all times to avoid slips. Accidental slips when handling hand tools can lead to serious accidents.

  • Avoid Contact with Energised Electrical Circuits

Always assume that all electrical circuits and devices are live. Always test your equipment before use to ensure that it is safe. Your life and the lives of others may depend on it.

  • Regular Maintenance

Conduct regular maintenance and care on your power tools to keep them in the best working condition at all times. Get rid of all damaged electric tools or label them ‘Do Not Use.’ If your tools and equipment are overheating or producing a weird noise, turn the equipment off immediately. Have the tool repaired as soon as possible. If the tool is damaged beyond repair, dispose of it immediately. Do not ever attempt to work with faulty tools.

  • Read the User Manual

Do not use your power tools before reading the user manual. Follow instructions on the manual when using, lubricating, and changing accessories.

  • Training

Everyone who operates power tools should be trained on safe methods of handling, storing, and lubricating them. If employees do not have the right knowledge of handling equipment, they may cause serious accidents.

  • Keep Water Away from Your Equipment

Store your power tools and equipment away from moisture. If a spill occurs, put the power off at the main source and unplug the equipment. Do not store water or other liquids near your equipment. Keep all your electrical conductors enclosed to prevent accidental contact. The conductors should also be attended.

  • Pay Attention to the Handles

Always check the handles of your tools before using them. The right tools should have non-conductive handles to prevent electrocution. When using hand tools, try working with one hand and keeping the other one away from a conductive material. This way, your chances of having an electrical current passing through your chest cavity are reduced.

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