Roses: Numbers and Colors with their Meanings

The month of February is fast approaching and the usual gifts that people give include flowers. Flowers are really good expressions of love and appreciation.

When it is Valentine’s Day, the first type of flower that people think of is a rose. A rose has always been a symbol of love and the month of love. This is the reason why usually it is given by many. However, it is also good to know that people have other options to give during Valentine’s Day such as lilies and tulips. But it is also good to be educated about the meaning of roses’ colors and numbers.


There are so many colors to choose from but the usual color that people give during Valentine’s Day is red. Red roses signify the expression of love and deep emotions. Also, it means that you have admiration for somebody. So if you receive red roses it means that the person truly loves you.

Moreover, white roses are also popular choice. This color simply means purity and innocence and this is the main reasons why brides carry white roses as the walk down the aisle. White roses are good choices for burials also because they also mean sympathy.

If you want to give a friend some flowers, then you should think of giving yellow roses. This color simply means warmth and friendship. So give yellow roses to show that you care.

Also, you can also give pink roses because they show appreciation and gratitude. This is the reason why when you want to thank somebody; you can always give them pink roses. Aside from gratitude, pink also signifies elegance.

When we talk about roses, little do people know that there are also unusual colors that will shock you. Such colors include blue which means mystery and desire for something that you cannot have. So, if you like somebody but you think you can never have that person then might as well give him or her a blue rose. Aside from that, there is a rare black rose. It is usually given if you want to say goodbye. So end your relationship by sending this black rose.


There is a trick in sending roses especially when it comes to numbers.

By giving one rose, this means that all your attention is given to that person alone. By giving three, it means “I love you”. When you give five, this means that “I love you very much.”

If you want to say sorry, then give fifteen roses, but if you want the person to be officially yours, you have to give twelve.

These are just common tips for people who want to give roses on Valentine’s Day. These tips and guides when it comes to numbers and colors will somehow aid you because there are hidden rules as what people say. But always remember that there are no rules to love and relationships. The number of roses has nothing to do with the intensity of love you have for the person.