January 23, 2021


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Rocking for the Planet

If there is one communal possession that we as humans share it is our planet Earth. Not only do we all share the planet, it’s importance is more incredible than we usually think. Some people think that the earth simply provides us with food and water and that is about it. If this thinking was correct then we would be free to trash the Earth without consequences as long as we had sufficient farms. But the reality is that nature provides us with so much more than just natural beauty. We rely on the forests forth the very air that we breathe as well as for the nutrients in the soil that we rely on. Our planet also helps control our climate so that we are able to enjoy a livable environment that is neither too hot or too cold.   Unfortunately, the impact that we are having as a species is going up and up with each generation and this is mainly due to the exponential increase in human population as the years go on. These days it is extremely rare to encounter areas of nature that are truly untouched by the influence of mankind. The best way that we can help to reverse this trend is to live a lifestyle that is low impact and to all do our parts to reduce waste and increase self-sufficiency. This includes having hobbies and activities that do not take a toll on the environment. One great activity that has always been associated with forwarding thinking nature activists is the art of playing music. And if that is your thing also then you are in luck because the deals of a lifetime are at your fingertips!

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