Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Endless Appeal of Silver-Tipped Lightbulbs

Depart it to Copenhagen It few Frederik Bille Brahe (chef) and Caroline Brasch Nielsen (design/designer) to remind us that a silver-tipped lightbulb can remodel an usually ho-hum fixture into a style detail really worth emulating. (For evidence, see this week’s A Household Kitchen in Copenhagen with Unusual Design and style.)

It is the sort of simple swap we have lengthy admired. But the place to source these kinds of a silvery bulb? Read on.

The Sighting(s)

our reminder of the enigmatic appeal of chrome tipped bulbs came from frederik  9
Higher than: Our reminder of the enigmatic enchantment of chrome-tipped bulbs arrived from Frederik and Caroline’s kitchen, exactly where they are paired with very simple white sconces (and some inventive do the job with the electrical wire). Photograph courtesy of Reform from A Spouse and children Kitchen in Copenhagen with Unheard of Design.
but we
Earlier mentioned: But we’ve earlier admired silver bulbs, also, including in the French home of French stylist and costumier Céline Sathal, in which a solitary silver bulb hangs from the ceiling. Pictures by Eefje de Coninck for Remodelista from La Vie en Rose: Inside of a Costumier’s Dreamlike, Diy Maison in France.
and small chrome bulbs replaced regular white ones in sarah lonsdale
Over: And small chrome bulbs replaced normal white types in Sarah Lonsdale’s individual California tub, as observed in 10 Guidelines for Reworking a Rental Bath on a Funds. Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista.

The Resource

silvery lightbulbs are easy to source. the keywords you
Higher than: Silvery lightbulbs are easy to supply. The search phrases you are looking for are “half-chrome lightbulb” or “silver-tipped lightbulb.” Shown is the oversized G40 Silver Idea Bulb from Schoolhouse, $16 for the 60-watt edition. They also carry the G25 Silver Suggestion LED Bulb, from $28. Much less pricey selections are extensively out there from Nostalgic Bulbs ($4.95), Ace Hardware ($7.99), ($8), and Home Depot ($6.58).

Have another go-to supply? Let us know in the opinions. And for much more layout facts uncovered, see:

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