Pros and Cons Of a Wood Garage Door

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Wood and metal garage doors will both perform the same way, however, metal garage doors are slightly stronger. They are stronger in the event of an impact or accident, but there are several benefits to a metal door over a wood one.


Pros: I love the rustic look of a wood garage door, especially when it is made from local hardwoods like basswood. Plus, with the right kinds of woodwork tools, I can generally do this myself. Plus, it’s an easy project to make.


Con: Wood garage doors come with pros and cons. In the first place, you don’t have to go out and buy any hardwoods. Most woods are cheap and can be found at your local lumberyard, where you can pick up 4-inch by 4-inch timbers for about $4.00 per piece.


Reasons to build a wood garage door are manifold and you are sure to find some compelling reasons that you will apply if you choose this plan. For a garage door, a substantial amount of time can be invested in the hardware. You will need a carpenter to do all the design work. You can consider buying a door that fits the existing yard that you can customize and fit your own style.


A steel garage door will need to be secured and attached to a steel door in order to operate.


Doors of steel make for a more high-end style of the garage door. A ceramic tile door will surely have a softer and slightly warmer look that will not please all sorts of users.


There are a lot of advantages to building a wood garage door. I don’t have space to list all of them, but this video should give you an idea.




Since wood costs are so much less than other materials, a wood garage door is almost always less expensive than metal. Many homeowners are willing to make the tradeoff, and the savings can add up.




The wood construction involves so many hidden potential problems that the homeowner will be taking on all by themselves. It takes skill and experience to build a quality wood garage door, and a bad contractor will almost always make mistakes.


Benefits of Wood Garage Door Privacy Wall System


Modular garage doors make it easy to install. Simply screw on the door and your done! (Wall mounted version should require two additional screws.)


Wood garage door privacy system creates a natural wood look without adding much to the overall appearance of your garage.


Overall, there is a minimal amount of paint that is used to cover wood trim, using natural birch wood and aluminum instead.


Small cost savings for anyone switching from wood trim to aluminum.


Other benefits include the following:


The cost for some materials such as your ceiling finish (or stain) can be reduced


Installation is extremely easy.


Here are some of the downsides of building your own wood garage door:


Upgrading to a solid wood door is more expensive than upgrading to a panelized door


It’s harder to install solid wood doors on existing garages New wood garage doors Dallas/Ft Worth


It’s more expensive to have an electrician come to fix them (as well as having your thermostat set to a cold location to get a better energy rating)


Conversely, you should also have thought about the pros and cons of a wood garage door, especially if you are concerned about how your property will look when it is abandoned.


Most of the features that make a wood garage door more desirable than a metal garage door is a space that can be converted into a great space to decorate or expand. The door itself and the wood inside will stay in good condition while the steel will degrade over time. Local distributors and installers can help you set up your New wood garage doors Dallas/Ft Worth.    


If you have installed your door in a hot climate, you will have to think about options that would help you preserve your house like ventilation and solar power.


What Is A Wood Garage Door Replacement?


An old, heavy door is an eyesore. Many homeowners have old front and rear doors that aren’t structurally sound. This typically means they are in poor condition and are susceptible to falling apart during normal use. A wood garage door replacement is a great solution to this problem. Some wood garage door repair professionals offer a replacement wooden door, while others only offer metal doors. Either way, any garage door repair will require a new door and likely be priced in the range of $200 – $500.