June 27, 2022


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Prevent Pests From Overtaking Your Home

Prevent Pests From Overtaking Your Home

Critters such as mice, cockroaches, flies, and others can become a huge problem once they come into your house and begin to multiply. It is generally much easier to prevent pests from coming indoors than it is to try to eradicate them. Often, a pest control service must be called to clear the rodents or insects, and this can be time-consuming and expensive. Here are some ways to help prevent pests from overtaking your home in the first place. 

Clear Away Food Sources

Animals often enter houses in search of food and water, and most of these animals have a great sense of smell that can detect nourishment from far away. Make your residence less enticing to them by clearing away easily accessible food and water sources. Ensure that food is stored in tightly-sealed containers, especially if the food is kept on the counters or in the pantry.

In addition to stored food, be aware of other food sources around the house. For example, avoid leaving pet food out near doors and windows. Promptly wipe up juice, soda, water, and other liquid spills from the floor and other surfaces. Keep counters and floors clean and free and food crumbs and other debris. 

Be Mindful of Clutter

Pests often hide among clutter, whether it is a pile of dirty laundry on the floor, a stack of old newspapers on the table, or a collection of toys on the back porch. It is important to eliminate clutter as much as possible so critters have fewer hiding spots in and around your home.

If pests have already invaded your house, it is vital that they do not go undetected for very long. Going undetected allows them to breed and multiplies your existing pest problem, and heaps of junk lying around enable rodents and insects to do just that. If there is an overwhelming amount of clutter in your home, you might ask yourself if there is a maid service near me. It may be worth getting some help if it means preventing a pest issue in the future. 

Seal Off Cracks

Pests are creatures of opportunity, coming into homes through open cracks in windows, walls, and doors. Make sure that your home is sealed to prevent small creatures from coming inside. Sealing off cracks and holes is also good for the environment and your utility bills, since a well-insulated house lowers heating and air conditioning usage. Keep in mind that some pests are very tiny, so they can come through crevices that are difficult for the human eye to see. 

Take Out Garbage

Take out your garbage regularly, leaving it in a covered container as far away from your home as possible until trash day. Rodents like to chew on all kinds of things, including cardboard and food scraps that are often found in the trash. Trash bins without lids invite rodents, raccoons, and other pests to go through the discarded waste. 

Follow these steps to help prevent a nasty rodent or insect infestation in your home.