Planting Herbs With Vegetables Repels Insect Pests


Planting herbs with each other with veggies would lessen your production cost though improves your produce. 

Yet another phrase utilised in this strategy is called companion cropping or companion planting. It is an intercropping approach which requires planting two or far more plants in a single spot for controlling pest assault. 

The plant species planted with each other in a single spot safeguards every other from insect pests by repelling the scent or shade of every plant. 

Making use of this approach, the insect pests would hardly find their host plant, which resulted in your improved produce and minimized production cost specially for obtaining chemical substances. 

What are the best herbs utilised as companion plants? 

  • Marigold. Planted thickly and turned into soil soil-borne illnesses. 
  • Oregano. Ward off cabbage white fly. 
  • Tansy. Its solid scent drives ants, aphids and flies away. 
  • Peppermint. Fends off ants and white cabbage moth. 
  • Scallions, onions, garlic. Their solid odors repels aphids, fleas, and Japanese beetle. 
  • Basil, catnip, coriander, marjoram, mint, parsley, thyme. When planted alongside vegetable plantation as companion crops repels distinct forms of insect pests. 
  • Garlic and onion. When planted with each other near cole crops and carrots, the veggies would be a lot less prone to insect assault. 
  • Sweet basil, chives and flat parsley. When planted with head lettuce and pechay repels insects and improves produce. 
  • Ocimum, purple basil, lemon basil. Repels insect pests of tomato and good as companion crops. 
  • Chives. Is a good companion crop for lettuce. 
  • Parsley. Is best to be intercropped with pechay. 

There are nonetheless some other herb plants that are good source as insect repellants. Stay tune, I will be offering you some updates as I transpired to find in the future few days via my exploration. 

For the moment, if you materialize to find these herbs in your locality, try to gather them in your nursery, multiply them so that you have an available plants ready as companion crops in your home gardening pursuits. 

Check out your agriculture retail outlet in your spot and acquire the seeds of these herbs and propagate them to have a continual provide of companion planting materials as soon as you starts off planting your veggies. 

Check out your friends’ yard and acquire or inquire these herbs as soon as you see them in their yard. 


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