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To get better job and good education opportunities, more and more folks are moving their base in the bigger or metropolitan cities. But, the biggest problem that people have to face is to deal with the accommodation issue. As you are unacquainted with the fresh city, hence things turn out to be worse in your case. With smartphones and internet in reach, to look for an accommodation has turned out to be absolutely simpler these days. 

Most of the students or job doers these days prefer to stay in a pg.   of course, you can find myriad of options in PGs like Pg in Delhi.  Certainly, since they are away from their hometown or even that of families; they look for a place to stay in as a paying guest.  Moreover, staying in a paying guest (PG) is one of the finest and most exciting things that you might look in your starting days and there isan overabundance of reasons that PG could sound far better than living in a rental house. Come on, if you think that it would be too difficult to get a pg for yourself then you are wrong. just keep the following tips in mind and you would get the best results.

What is your budget for every month?

Affordability is one of the chief issues that you must figure out when you come to a new and unknown city. You are new, you are stranger and unacquainted with the city or place, and hence it is the important time when you must save as much as you can at least on your accommodation. In the starting, it is better that you check your monthly budget and spend as per the requirement. Look for PGs that can easily accommodate into the pocket. Search them online, call the owner and talk to them and then make your plan to visit the place.  You can get the best pg in Delhi once you have the budget in your mind.

Protection and safety 

Safety is another significant issue that should be taken on a priority basis when you choose a paying guest (PG) accommodation. Either you are men or women, criminal these days do spare nobody. As the crime rates are all-time high in the entire world, especially in the metropolitan cities, therefore, protection and safety must be taken with the greatest care. You need to look for a locality having the least crime-rate record.   You can even talk to an authority that works on keeping an eye on the PGs and security. These authorities do maintain a proper record of visitors coming in sector or society hence does not leave any chance to protect the premises.

Never miss out on details 

Before you finalise a PG, it is vital to visit the property to know the actual insight of the place and PG. in case you are about to finalise the deal, it would be good if you go to the place at different times of day. It will get you an idea of residents, location, and protection. 


Thus, start checking out the best property sites in India and finalise a PG that is safe, within your budget and comfortable!