April 16, 2021


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Packing For a Move

A move is on your horizon and you need to get your belongings together for...

A move is on your horizon and you need to get your belongings together for the big day. You need to get the items to make the transition from one location to the other as smooth as possible but you are not sure what that might be. The right packing tools will cut the time of your move and eliminate the headache it can cause. Here are some things you will need to get ready.

Got To Have the Wheels

When moving heavy boxes or fragile items, a two-wheel dolly or a sturdy cart is a must. A dolly or cart will keep your belongings steady and take the strain off your back. You can rent these from a truck rental or moving company. Be sure to get dollies and carts that are built well with sturdy caster wheels.

Pack It Up

Of course, you will need the essentials to pack your things for a move such as boxes and packing tape. You can purchase boxes from the same truck rental or moving companies you got the carts from but they can be expensive. An inexpensive alternative to that is to ask your local supermarket or retail store if they have boxes they are willing to give you for free. Purchase a good quality packing tape to keep your possessions from falling out of the bottom of the container. You will also want a black permanent marker to label the boxes with the room they should go in. This helps the movers know where to leave them and makes unpacking at your new place easier. You will need bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts to pack around your fragile items. These materials keep things from breaking if the packages are handled too roughly. Scissors or a box cutter are also important for cutting tape or breaking down cardboard for easier use. Finally, have blankets on hand to cover larger items such as furniture or televisions.

The Forgotten Ones

Packing isn’t the only thing you will have to do before your move. You will need to fill out change of address forms for your mail either online or at the postal service. Cleaning supplies will be needed to tidy up your old space for the next person who is going to live there. You will also want to make sure you purchase insurance for your new place or transfer it from the place you once lived.