Online Mattress Buying Guide for Indians

A mattress has all the powers to make or break everything related to you. Be it your relationship or health, mattress affects everything in its way. That is why buying the right mattress is more than important.  In the wake of e-commerce, we are shopping a lot over the internet. Just like everything else, you can buy a mattress online in India as well. 

Buying the best mattress online gives you the freedom to browse all types and variety of mattresses and choose the one which suits the best for you. However, sometimes online shopping can turn out to be the worst nightmare if you don’t pay attention to certain things. 

 If you want to buy the best mattress online, here are our tips that can help you enjoy a good purchase. But before we start, let’s understand why you should buy mattress online in India.

 Freedom for hectic traffic and hassle of visiting the showroom 

More than anything else, choosing the traditional way of shopping is what bothers buyers the most. The hassle of visiting the showroom after facing hectic on-road traffic is truly troublesome. This consumes a great deal of time. Why take the hassle of visiting the showroom and struck in a traffic jam for many hours when you can buy the best mattress online in India over a single click? 

You save extra bucks 

Buying a mattress online is always pocket-friendly as the online market place is free from the compulsion to hire a salesperson, own infrastructure, and invest big in showroom’s set-up. Doing all of this demands high investment that the seller changes from the customer by selling the memory foam mattresses on MRP.

When you buy a memory foam mattress online in India, no third person is dealing. It’s only the manufacturer and the customers. This also saves the cost of the middle man. 

Some of the variants like king size memory foam mattresses are already little pocket heavy. Some discount is always welcomed.  There are many online coupons, cashback, and discount codes that apply only to the online transaction. In a nutshell, savings are always on your way when you buy king size memory foam mattress online in India. 

Everything under one roof 

How often you face the hassle of not finding everything under one roof? 

It’s a very common scenario with in-showroom shopping. Once you get the right mattress but there is no matching bedsheet. If a showroom has a bedsheet then they run out of stock with a mattress protector. This is highly irritating. 

However, this is not the case when you buy a mattress online in India. Whether you want to buy a single bed mattress online or a queen size mattress online, there is always something to fulfill your needs. Some of the leading online memory foam mattress platforms sell mattress protectors, pillows, and bed sheets as well. In short, you will get everything without moving an inch from your place with online mattress shopping. 

Now, it’s time to talk about some expert tips to fetch the right online mattress deal. 

Always look for a professional mattress manufacturer 

One of the main issues with online shopping is genuineness. Many customers complain about the disparity between what was promised and what was delivered. To avoid such incidents, it is always suggested to pick only professional mattress manufacture. Look for CertiPUR-US® certification which ensures that the mattress is of high quality, bears no harmful chemicals, and is tested for low VOC.

A professional mattress manufacturer carrying this certification is highly trustworthy. 

Check the reviews

The best publicity is mouth publicity. Positive reviews by real customers speak a lot about the kind of service that a particular business is offering.  So, we suggest you check the reviews if you want to buy the best mattress online in India.

Sometimes, a company can beat other competitors with one product while lacks trustworthiness with the second product. So, whether you are buying a double bed mattress online or looking for a queen size mattress online in India, never forget to check separate reviews related to your purchase.  You can set the filters for better, relevant, and quick results.

Pay attention to the description

Only those online mattress platforms are worth investing that offers a detailed description and explains the products in a crisp yet comprehensive manner.  As there is no salesperson to explain the things to you, this description is your only guide. Hence, you must pay attention to it and understand how the product is going to meet your requirements.

Choose the right size

There are various mattress sizes available only. For example, there is a single bed mattress online, queen size mattress online, double bed mattress online and king size mattress online. Each comes with different dimensions. Though understanding the difference between a single bed and double bed mattress online is very easy, you can face a tough time to differentiate between king size and queen size mattress online. 

Before you make a final purchase, make sure you are taking the right measurements of your bed and then finding the ideal match. Many online mattresses selling platform offers you a mattress measuring guide. Referring to it before making the final purchase is surely the best thing that you should do. 

Check the return policy

Sometimes, a purchase can go wrong. Either you can have quality, though it’s rare with a professional online mattress platform, or you ordered the wrong size. In that case, you need a replacement/return. Your chosen online mattress platform should have user-friendly return/replacement policies to ensure the maximum satisfaction from your purchase.