Object of Desire: Venetian Glass Lights from In Common With

New from Brooklyn’s In Common With, in collaboration with artist Sophie Lou Jacobsen: Flora, a lighting assortment that attracts on the record of Venetian glass-making methods.

Below are just a handful of silhouettes we have been coveting—each a splurge, certainly, but exquisitely made.

Photography by William Jess Laird, courtesy of In Prevalent With.

the hand shaped fazzo pendant is
Previously mentioned: The hand-shaped Fazzo Pendant is “made making use of the hundreds of years-old fazzoletto technique—in which a molten glass dome is spun upside-down to produce waves that resemble the wilting petals of a flower—and equipped with hand-concluded brass specifics.” It is $2,750 and available in the collection’s five colorways (pistachio, opaline, lilac, poppy, and tobacco), with or without having dot embellishments.

the gemma table lamp, large (\$6,000) features those dot embellishments,
Previously mentioned: The Gemma Desk Lamp, Big ($6,000) functions those dot embellishments, “made employing a fashionable variation on a hundreds of years-previous exercise, which requires applying handmade glass details—in this case, marble-like dots—to blown glass surfaces.”
the vera sconce (\$\1,\250) has a
Previously mentioned: The Vera Sconce ($1,250) has a “slumped glass” silhouette, made positioning sheets of cut glass over plaster molds in a kiln “as the kiln heats, gravity forces the malleable glass to drape around the molds,” in accordance to In Frequent With.

the teeny calla petite table lamp (\$3,000) is both portable and rechargeable. 12
Earlier mentioned: The teeny Calla Petite Table Lamp ($3,000) is the two transportable and rechargeable.
the gemma petite pendant (\$3,000) has two lines of glass dots—like butt 13
Higher than: The Gemma Petite Pendant ($3,000) has two lines of glass dots—like buttons down the back again of a gown. Match embellishment to shade for a monochrome seem, or pair two hues for contrast.
like all of the lights in the collection, the gemma floor lamp (\$7,\250) & 14
Earlier mentioned: Like all of the lights in the assortment, the Gemma Flooring Lamp ($7,250) “doubles as a sculpture.”

For a glance at the comprehensive assortment, head to In Prevalent With.

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