June 20, 2021


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New ideas in floor and wall surfaces are taking shape in interior home design

Designer Jamie Beckwith challenges the way people think about wood as a surfacing material in...

Designer Jamie Beckwith challenges the way people think about wood as a surfacing material in home interiors.

New to Divine Flooring’s B.C. showrooms is the Jamie Beckwith Collection

Founded by Nashville-based designer Jamie Beckwith, the design studio creates luxury wood flooring and surfacing for residential and commercial spaces. The warmth of wood, combined with ornamental patterns, create transformative wood tiles that explore dimension, structure, shape and light for all surfaces.

A trendsetter in luxury interior design, Beckwith is shaking up the male dominated wood industry with her fluid and feminine wooden patterns. 

Substituting straight lines for curves and creating shapes in lieu of planks, her patterns are reshaping expectations, both literally and figuratively.

Unlike conventional flooring planks, Wave from the Enigma Collection by Jamie Beckwith has a fluidity and curved shape.

Beckwith’s Variations Collection, created in collaboration with Jeff Andrews, stemmed out of a passion for dance and rhythm along with a deep appreciation for sculpture and its ability to ground a space. As former professional dancers, Beckwith and Andrews are inspired by designs that emulate motion, as well as ones that have the ability to turn a flat surface into a dimensional work of art.

The Arches pattern is made of two individual tile designs that create a continuous feather shape inspired by a female dancer en pointe.

Beckwith’s fashion-forward sensibility and eye for details is exemplified in the Couture Collection, a design collaboration between the Jamie Beckwith Collection and Windsor Smith. This inventive wood surfacing collection for walls and floors redefines iconic patterns, ranging from traditional chevrons to cubist-inspired trompe l’oeil parquets, and includes exquisite details like perfect seams and metal embellishments.

A signature joinery technique of Windsor’s was used to create the stylish seam of the Zip It! pattern.

An industry first, Jamie Beckwith Collection pioneered the manufacturing technique to marry nailheads with wood surfacing.

The Jamie Beckwith Collection is now available at Divine Flooring Showroom locations.