April 11, 2021


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Materials for Garage Door

When you are thinking about buying a new garage door or you are thinking about...
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When you are thinking about buying a new garage door or you are thinking about replacing your old garage door then, there are certain factors which you need to remember. First of all, you should know the pros and cons of all available materials. Then, you should observe your environment, weather conditions and your door usage to determine the exact requirement of your door. One of the most common materials used these days is steel. Steel is a very reliable material and a very cost effective choice for your garage door but these are not the only thing which you need to see.

When making a new garage door, you should know that steel has very limited variety in designing and styles. This can be a problem if your house is built with a particular exterior theme because you will not like to waste the whole of your investment by deploying an unmatched door. Price of steel depends upon the thickness of steel. Steel with a gauge of more than 27 are expensive but with gauge less than 26 are very economical. These doors are mostly installed in sectional door types and can look elegant in a mild home exterior.

The second material used is wood and normally oak and teak are used for making garage doors. This is also called hardwood because of its hardness; but when you compare it with steel then, you will know that oak and teak are a lot more expensive than steel. In fact, they are very rare in some parts and this rarity makes them almost unaffordable for certain people. If price is not the only measuring factor then, you should look into its reliability but wood is not a very reliable option too. It accepts the weary nature of weather very easily and cracks, expands or shrinks in bad weather. To avoid this from happening, you will need extra insulation and that too with a high quality insulator. This process will increase the cost even more but wooden doors are matchless in one aspect and that is their elegance. Wood is the most elegant material available for making garage doors and it can fit into any type of exterior scheme without any problem.

If you hire trustworthy garage door service provider in Caldwell for designing the exterior of your house then, he will always prefer a wooden door because of its extra customization abilities. Wood and steel are not the only material choices but these are two of the most preferred material options for garage doors. There are other materials like vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and many more which are widely being used in making garage doors but these materials are for more specific environmental conditions. For example, fiberglass is preferred only in salty areas near sea where it is installed in transparent form to get sunlight in the garage. Similarly, vinyl is not a very attractive metal but it is used in areas where weather remains harsh throughout the year and vinyl has some built in resistance against such weather conditions.