Make Any Hotel Look Elegant with Organic Plantings

Guests come to a hotel for different reasons. Some are there on vacation and want to get away from it all. Others are there to attend a business conference or give a speech at the conference. Many travelers also stop at a hotel on their way to somewhere else. In all instances, a hotel owner should look for ways to welcome their guests to their hotel and help make them feel valued. One way to do so is with the use of plants and flowers. Plants and flowers add in additional color to the room, helping come alive. A fresh floral arrangement also adds a pleasing scent that guests can enjoy as they sit in the hotel lobby and interact with other guests or just relax quietly.

Appropriate Flowers
Each hotel manager or owner should think about the kind of arrangements that work best in their hotel. For many hotel managers, flowers that are locally grown are ideal. A locally grown floral arrangement that includes flowers such as roses can help the hotel fit in with the rest of the area. Large floral arrangements can tie into the area and help guests get a feel for what is grown there the second they walk in the door. For example, a hotel situated in Hawaii may want to greet guests with that take advantage of the local area and showcase the region’s many lovely nature gardens. A hotel in a desert can use cacti to help set a mood and invite people to explore the entire hotel including an onsite restaurant.

Maintaining an Arrangement

Part of keeping flowers is making sure they are kept in good shape. The same is true for plants. A company such as Green Oasis can help with this process. Many hotel managers aren’t sure where to start. They may know very little about keeping flowers and plants looking green. A management company can help them by providing ongoing services that keep the entire hotel looking good to the eye. They can also bring in temporary arrangements for big events such as conference or a wedding to help make the event look more attractive for paying guests.

Upholding an Image

Using plants and flowers well helps the hotel maintain an image. A guest who walks inside is immediately shown that the hotel looks inviting and pays attention to details. Those who run a more upscale hotel can use flowers to help convey an air of luxury and elegance. Flower arrangements full of lush color, blooming buds and lots of detail look spectacular when set in lovely vase in the center of the hotel lobby. A hotel that gains a reputation as a place that is filled with lovely plants is one where people may book a room for guests, choose to hold a local conference and have a meal during their lunch hour. In that case, a well thought out floral arrangement has many advantages that benefit any hotel.