Log Home and Cabin Preservation Solutions- Borate Wood Preservatives

Log Home and Cabin Borate Treatments – the choices and how and when to use!

One of the most crucial techniques to protect your financial investment, your home, is to use a wood preservative on your logs. There are only two periods that you can effectively use these solutions on your logs. When the home is created, before it is stained, or right after cob blasting a end off of your logs, before you re-stain. The wood preservative should be used to raw wood, so it can soak in and dry underneath the stain. This enables the borate to promptly go to operate on any doable issue areas existing on the home or cabin, or present the security desired in the long term if the need to have occurs.

All wood faces the risk of rot and insect infestation, even in dry climates. Fungi and bugs really consume the cells of dead wood, frequently triggering significant structural problems that frequently needs log alternative-a pricey mend. We use Penetreat to support protect your home from pricey problems of rot and insect infestation. Penetreat is a borate based wood preservative. Borates are effectively known throughout the globe for their protective features. Penetreat delivers a protective “shell” coating which aids defend your home versus dry, moist, and brown rot, as effectively as termites, home borers, powder write-up beetles, and carpenter ants, (to identify a handful of).

Borate is not harmful to individuals and animals. It will not damage you or your pets. Borates do not impact the pure shade or toughness of wood. They are entirely odorless, and are not corrosive to steel fasteners, nails or screws. When a “Penetreat” home is adequately sealed versus moisture, the borates can present many decades of productive protective.

Impel Rods are a remarkably concentrated stable kind, water diffusible borate rod. They are great for equally preventative treatments of large chance areas and remedial treatments in areas with existing decay. Simply because Impel Rods end decay when adequately applied, there is no need to have to swap decay harmed, however structurally sound logs! Decay prone and rot sizzling spot areas at best chance contain: base logs, corner development, exposed rafters or overhangs, and underneath home windows, doors, and dormers.

Impel Rods depend on moisture to operate. When moisture contents of wood attain amounts suitable for decay attack, i.e. (all over 25 p.c) Impel Rods slowly and gradually dissolve and begin to diffuse all over the moisture saturated wood. The preservative will migrate into the areas of highest moisture, which are at the highest chance from fungal decay. The subtle Impel Rod will sufficiently and effectively avoid the wood from rotting and decaying mainly because it will not permit the fungus that will cause rot to grow. When moisture amounts drop underneath 25 p.c, the preservative turns into dormant and delivers a reserve, completely ready to reactivate really should decay conducive conditions reoccur. We sense that Impel Rods are an essential part of the security of your log home, and contain them as part of our avoidance and restoration technique.

We hope this article has been useful and glimpse forward to giving you much additional pertinent information about log properties and cabins and there distinctive issues.