April 17, 2021


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Log Cabin Personality…and Other Family Names

The English language is genuinely really numerous, so significantly so that it has adapted a...

The English language is genuinely really numerous, so significantly so that it has adapted a large amount of overseas languages and passed it off as its personal.  Tweak a very little of the pronunciation, include a vowel here and there, and voila, a new English term has been born.

Who would have believed that a term like “boondocks”, denoting a rough place or backwoods, truly arrived from the Filipino term bundok, which actually suggests mountain?  And what about the term “gaga” which has now arrive to symbolize a vogue trend? It was at first a French phrase, actually which means previous idiot.  A large amount of Arabic text have also been stylized and have been place into daily use, these types of as “loofah”, “kismet”, and “cipher”.  Spanish text have also been place into great use in the English language, whilst an outdoor sitting location is now formally called a “patio”, and a eating hall in a university or place of work developing is normally called a “cafeteria” which actually suggests coffeehouse.  And would you think that vanilla, which is the most well known taste of ice product, truly arrived from the Spanish term “vainilla” which actually suggests very little pod?

What about those typically listened to phrases?  Stating that a person is “in the doghouse” meant that he is in issues, and stating that a person life in a “henhouse”, or is a “hen” meant that he is cowardly or weak.  When any individual says he arrived from “the ‘hood”, it denotes a rough and tumble person vulnerable to violence, hence most men and women steer obvious of them due to the fact they may well get into a fight.  If anyone reported he was just unveiled from the “cuckoo’s nest”, it meant they just a short while ago obtained out from a psychological facility or rehabilitation middle.  A “excursion down memory lane” meant that anyone is being nostalgic about their earlier, and a “journey to LaLa land” either meant likely to sleep or seeking to make it big in Hollywood.  The phrase “excuse my French” does not imply that the speaker is uttering a French term, but indicates that a profanity is being expressed.

Politicians have also built excellent use of these forms of terms.  Being a “log cabin” individuality meant that the particular person is basic and unpretentious however steadfast and reliable.  A image of individualism, of the pioneer spirit, of difficult do the job and humble beginnings, this illustration has gained significantly excellent publicity that a person managing for place of work who was born in a log cabin or was elevated in a person commonly ended up successful the electoral race.  Illustrations of United States Presidents who ended up born in log cabins are Andrew Johnson, James Polk, James Buchanan, and James Garfield.  And possibly the most well known of them all is Abraham Lincoln who was born in a cabin in rural Kentucky and elevated in a very similar form of home in Illinois.  Much celebrated is his victory that he has toys named just after him, the Lincoln logs, built up of many sized notched rods which could be fitted jointly and assembled to type miniature buildings.