Light Vs Dark Kitchen Cabinets: Tips To Decide Which One Is Right For Your Home

The kitchen is certainly one of the most important spaces in your home. You will have to pay attention to its interior design so that the space is both functional and appealing. Irrespective of the design you want, make sure that sufficient storage space is created in your kitchen decor. Cabinets are one of the most chosen options for this purpose. This is because they make use of vertical space for storage and do not occupy additional floor space. Besides the size and shape, you will have to determine the right colour for your kitchen cabinets also as colours play a crucial role in setting the mood and tone of the space. Most people confuse between dark colours and light colours. You can choose any option depending on your preferences. However, it will be more beneficial to know the advantages and disadvantages of both options before making any decision. If you are not aware of them, here are a few: 

Light kitchen cabinets 


01 of 03 Timeless appeal

If you do not want to renovate your kitchen interior design time and again, it is always better to choose lighter shades for your cabinets. This is because lighter colours are more versatile than darker colours. Hence, you do not have to worry about changing the colour of your kitchen cabinets when making other changes to your kitchen design like upgrading appliances or adding new features. Irrespective of the colours you incorporate while making the new additions, the colour of your cabinets will look good as light colours easily complement other colours. Also, they appear great in all types of setups like modern kitchens, traditional kitchens, rustic kitchens, etc.  

02 of 03 Makes the interiors brighter 

Lighting is a very crucial factor in your kitchen. This is because people perform a lot of complex activities in the kitchen like cutting and chopping. Without sufficient light, they might not be able to see clearly and meet with any accidents. To ensure that sufficient light is available in the kitchen, installing lighting fixtures is not enough. You must introduce light colours in the setup as well. Since light colours like white reflect more light, the interiors will appear brighter and airier. Hence, your light-coloured kitchen cabinets will make the kitchen brighter.

03 of 03 Makes the space appear larger

Most modern homes feature small kitchens. If you do not want your kitchen to appear small, you can use various designing tricks to make the space appear bigger. One of the most common tricks used by experts is choosing light colours for the interiors. Even if you just choose light colours for the kitchen cabinets, your kitchen can appear larger. Light colours make the surface recede and hence, the illusion of a larger space is created. Since the cabinets occupy a lot of space in the kitchen, choosing light-coloured cabinets can have a major impact on the overall look. 


01 of 01 Requires high maintenance 

Irrespective of what kitchen design you choose, you will always have to take maintenance into consideration. Since the kitchen tends to get dirty easily because of all the smoke, grime, spills, etc., every element of your kitchen requires special attention. If you choose light colours for your kitchen cabinets, the dirt, grime, and stains will be very clearly visible on the surface. As a result, the kitchen will appear very dirty. You will have to clean frequently to ensure the space appears clean and hygienic. People with very little free time in hand may find it difficult to maintain light colours in the kitchen. 

Dark Kitchen Cabinets 


01 of 03 Have a dramatic and luxurious feel

If you are not afraid of getting a little bold, dark colours are a great option. They can help to design a stunning kitchen design that exudes luxury. You can easily add more visual interest and drama to your kitchen decor by only adding dark-coloured cabinets. As a result, your kitchen design becomes the centre of attention in your home. 

When choosing dark colours for the cabinet, black is not the only option available. You can choose any dark hue for this purpose as long as it complements the rest of the colours in the room.

02 of 03 Requires low-maintenance 

Since lighter cabinets get dirty easily, they require high maintenance. However, that is not the case with darker colours. This is why they are considered a more practical choice for the kitchen. Stains, grime, and dirt are not clearly visible on dark surfaces. Hence, you do not have to worry about cleaning the kitchen cabinets frequently. 

03 of 03 Hiding damages is easy

You may end up scratching or chipping the surface of your kitchen cabinet while performing any activity. These scratches and damages will ruin the look of your cabinets and diminish the overall appeal of your kitchen. Choosing dark colours will help to keep them hidden and make the interiors appear more appealing.


01 of 01 Can be overwhelming

You will have to be very careful while adding dark colours to any space. If you cannot maintain the right balance, the dark colours can appear very overwhelming and ruin your kitchen’s beautiful look. Also, the interiors can appear very small if you add dark colours to the space.