Leave out no blind spots from your CCTV footage with a 360-degree camera

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Be it your home or workplace, security should be your top priority in this day and age. According to a report by Statista for the year 2021, over 29 thousand robbery cases were reported in India alone. The number is indeed alarming! Therefore, you need to ensure your home or workplace has the latest security systems in place. 

A home surveillance system with the right security cameras and alarm system should be a good start. While many people end their journey to secure their homes by just installing outdoor cameras, we advise you not to make that mistake. 

An outdoor camera is relevant to spot intruders and alarm them. However, an experienced robber might get past that. Therefore, it is significant to secure your home or workplace indoors with the outdoors. Airtel Xsafe’s line of security products and solutions offers users both outdoor and indoor cameras. Since there’s common awareness about outdoor cameras, today, we will talk about one of Airtel Xsafe’s indoor cameras called as 3600 cam or CCTV 360 camera.

So, let’s get started.

Airtel Xsafe 3600 Camera features and benefits

As mentioned above, the 360 cam is an indoor camera. It offers 360 coverage. Thanks to this range of coverage, there are no blind spots left in your home. Every corner of the house is covered and recorded. The 360 cam has multiple features that can assist you not just in securing your home but also take care of your family and pets. Let’s look at these features in detail. 

Full HD video

Just like other Airtel Xsafe cameras, the 360 cam also records live feed in full HD quality ensuring the clear video quality. The camera is equipped with a 2 MP lens and True WDR.


The security camera is wireless and Wi-Fi-enabled. One doesn’t need to deal with multiple wires to set up the camera. Just make sure you have a good broadband connection to run the camera. 

Night Vision

A security camera will be futile without the night vision feature. The 360 camera offers night vision up to 10 meters. The video is clear and crisp due to the advanced infrared LED lights in the camera.

Two-way talk

The two-way talk feature is a godsend if you have kids, pets, or caretakers. You can communicate with them easily just by using the camera. 

Privacy Shutter

The camera comes with a privacy shutter. Once you switch on the shutter, the camera won’t record anything. 

Smart tracking

If the camera detects a movement in its 360-degree purview, it is smart enough to automatically track the movement and send you image alerts in real time. The alerts are sent on the Airtel Xsafe mobile app.

The Airtel 360 camera can help you track every movement that takes place indoors. It can be mounted easily at a strategic place in the house. It blends well with the interiors. Now, let’s look at the pricing details.


Airtel 360 degree camera price is affordable. It currently costs Rs. 2,999 only. You can buy the camera directly from Airtel Xsafe’s official website or from the Airtel Thanks app. 

You can also check out other indoor and outdoor cameras to secure your home with Airtel Xsafe! 

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