How to Find Towel Warmer Reviews There are two types of towel warmers available in the market today. The firs type is the electric towel warmer which operates independently from a heating system of your home and thus is said to be a self-contained unit. The towel rail of this warmer has low watt electric powered elements. The hydronic towel warmer is the next time and should be connected to either a radiant heating or hot water plumbing system. In this type, hot water goes through the towel bars which heats the towels evenly and consistently. Both types of systems are very efficient and do not consume much energy. These towel warmers come in different style, designs, and prices. These economical tower warmers come in many beautiful designs and styles. The features of some of these towel warmers include auto shut off timer and thermostats for the energy conscious consumers. You can also choose another feature which is the location of the outlet. The floor-mounted plug-in models are ideal for people who have spacious homes. However, if your bathroom is short on floor space, you can install a wall-mounted model.
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Using a cold towel after taking a shower is not comfortable. The towel will feel rough against your skin. Towel warmers help you get a spa feeling after a shower. Your robes and towels will stay fresh and soft, so they feel good against your bare skin. Apart from warming your towel or robe, warming your entire bathroom will also prevent being shocked by the coldness of your bathroom. You do not even have to buy heating anymore because a towel warmer or a bathroom warmer serves a dual function. You can have money savings as well as savings in bathroom space. Other than drying towels and wardrobes, you can also use your towel warmer to dry delicate garments gently, such as your underwear, and swimwear. You no longer have to place them in the dryer or out in the sun. Just hand them on your towel warmer and they will dry soon without ruining the fabric. You can also install your towel warmer around your house. You can install them in your mudroom or laundry room aside from your bathroom and bedroom. You can use them to dry your gloves and coats faster. Bacteria thrives in moist environment and will a towel warmer, bacteria growth is prevented. This is one way of preventing the spread of these bacteria not only in your bathroom but all throughout your home. You place will be cozy and bacteria free with no smell of mildew.