As spring approaches, the weather improves and people spend more time outdoors. It’s a beautiful time of year to spend time in the backyard, but not if you have a yard filled with mosquitoes. It can be quite the turn-off for anyone who spends time outdoors, and there’s no reason your yard should be filled with these disease-carrying pests. You can rid your yard of mosquitoes the simple way, and you can also take advantage of mosquito control promotions at home. Let your year be spent enjoying the beautiful weather and all the enjoyment your yard provides without uninvited guests.

Move All Water Containers

Toys that might fill up, buckets, fountains that aren’t on and flowing, and anything else that holds water should be removed from your yard immediately. Mosquitoes love standing water. It’s where they breed and raise their families, and you can control them by getting rid of these items. It takes only a small amount of standing water for mosquitoes to make themselves at home, so move anything you find holding water for these pests to call home.

Get Rid of Standing Water in the Yard

Sometimes you get rid of everything that holds water only to realize you have low-lying areas in your lawn prone to standing water following a good rain. These don’t seem like a huge deal until you see all the mosquitoes that breed there, and it’s a problem. Add some drainage to the area and avoid any rain water that might make itself at home for any length of time.

Cover the Pools

It’s not always possible to keep the water in swimming pools moving to prevent mosquitoes from making themselves at home, so cover them. Even a simple cover is all it takes to keep bugs out of pools. When possible, make sure your pool filters are on to keep water circulating to keep bugs out.

Turn On Fountains

Water features are beautiful in any landscape, but the water must move. Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, so keep the water moving. Turn on the filters, turn on the bubbles and fountains, and turn on whatever keeps the water from sitting still for long periods of time. Water is attractive, but it’s the water that doesn’t move that makes mosquitoes want to call it home.

Your backyard should be an oasis for you, and it should not be an oasis for mosquitoes. They’re pesky, painful, and some carry disease. Don’t let your yard become off-limits because these bugs are too prevalent. Call for professional help, and then do your part to keep these pesky creatures from breeding in your lawn and yard.