April 13, 2021


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Industry Expert Site: How NFPA 1802 Improves Fireground Communications

I am a merchandise manager at L3Harris. I have been an newbie radio operator (callsign...

I am a merchandise manager at L3Harris. I have been an newbie radio operator (callsign KA4CZU) for additional than 46 many years, and I have a BSEE and have labored professionally inside the LMR market place for more than 27 many years, to start with at Motorola and now for L3Harris. In the course of my profession, I have taken fantastic satisfaction and self-confidence in understanding rather a bit about RF conversation gadgets, community basic safety and emergency reaction.

But even with all of my knowledge and knowledge, I know there is constantly much more to master, in particular from our customers. I acquired that in a really pointed way a couple decades ago when I was out accumulating what we simply call “Voice of the Consumer (VOC)” responses at a firehouse. Through these conversations, my function is to check with questions and meticulously pay out attention – even to facial expressions and things still left unsaid – so I can listen to and understand what is on our customers’ minds.

Early on for the duration of this pay a visit to, I said that we at L3Harris would like to fully grasp what we could incorporate to our products to make them more handy to the fire provider. The Main, in entrance of his crew, claimed to me, “Let me request you a little something. Have you ever been out at a live melt away, to a burn dwelling? You at any time go out on a journey-alongside?” I sheepishly replied, “No, sir.” To which he stated, “Then how the hell can you create a product or service for my workforce?”

Those people handful of phrases had been the kick in the intestine I required to make me be far better, not only at my job, but in my existence in general. As a result, I did just what that chief questioned of me not only due to the fact I was truly fascinated, but mainly because I in no way wished to really feel as inadequate as I did when he referred to as me out.

1 of the more impactful things I have accomplished to fully grasp the issues experiencing firefighters is to turn into involved with the NFPA committee members that get the job done at L3Harris. I am now a committee member myself and have a deeper knowledge about the eyesight the NFPA has for fire support communications. The staff has had plenty to share with me about a new typical the NFPA was creating for both of those an RF conversation device (radio) and distant speaker microphone (RSM) used by staff on the fireground. In simple fact, that standard  – NFPA 1802  has just been introduced this 12 months.

If you genuinely feel about it, these are interesting situations for firefighter communications. When a firefighter suits up, their turnout coat, gloves, TIC, SCBA, regulator, and O2 tank are all NFPA licensed. Basically, every little thing that a firefighter works by using when heading into a dangerous place is NFPA licensed, apart from some of the most essential items of equipment: their radio and RSM.

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I don’t forget in the course of a person trip-alongside, I experienced a staff member convey to me “Man, the a few lifestyle-saving devices I have into a making are my SCBA, my turnout coat and my radio.” Believe about that for a second. Just one 3rd of what this firefighter places total religion in for remaining there when the worst takes place is not even licensed by an business whose whole mission is to make equipment safer. Perfectly, that is all about to change!

With the release of NFPA 1802, all communications producers will need to have to action up their recreation to meet this strong specification. The NFPA 1802 specification considers each a radio and the RSM as equal sections of a process. In point, all the toughness assessments done on a radio are also carried out on an RSM.

Which is for the reason that the NFPA understands that a firefighter takes advantage of both equally collectively, and they both equally require to be hard.

So why a new conventional for radios and RSMs? To start with and foremost, it arrives down to protection. The target of NFPA 1802 is to obtain a larger amount of safety by way of sturdy hardware and program requirements.

Let us speak a bit about components specifications. NFPA 1802 phone calls for a a lot additional strong and rugged radio and RSM than today’s recent models. A several of these rugged prerequisites point out the devices:

  • Must be NFPA ‘glove friendly’ to make certain relieve of procedure in total fire gear
  • Must have greater Emergency Activation Button (EAB) for use with gloved hand
  • Need to survive a 3-meter drop. Now, most devices are only rated to 1 meter
  • Should be operational in 500-diploma oven temps for 5 minutes
  • Ought to survive and function by way of several cycles of 350-degree oven for 15 minutes and subsequent water quench
  • Must endure rotational tumble in 4-foot diameter chamber for 3 hours at 15 RPM
  • Have to survive corrosion saltwater test submerged 48 hours at 95 levels
  • Will have to survive case integrity of 442 pounds on each facet of the device

Talk about difficult! But the products have to be challenging, just like the adult males and females who use them. You would believe that the checklist of extremes that the radio and RSM are put through to validate the specifications would be adequate, but the NFPA also took into thing to consider the software package architecture of today’s radios and extra new demands to boost user security. The requirements define a new hazard manner of operation. Some of the attributes of hazard method are:

  • Loud audio by default for use in loud environments
  • Confirmed electrical power off to prevent accidental energy down
  • Multiple new voice annunciations to show the unit is powering off, over temp, small or lifeless battery, or a unsuccessful RSM has been connected
  • “Cable fault detect”—the radio will now evaluate if the remote speaker mic cable has been compromised, allowing the person know by means of voice announcement and radio has automatically reverted to inner microphone and speaker
  • Radio will deliver an around temp detection when operated outside the house of risk-free temperature selection
  • “Data logging”—the radio functions as a ‘black box,’ storing significant info (past 200 activities) for just after-motion stories to support in proactively raising user security
  • Radios should help Bluetooth-licensed add-ons this kind of as an SCBA mask

In addition, NFPA 1802 also defines what a radio should search like, which is extremely comparable to the radio you are applying right now. It has a speaker, microphone, ability/quantity regulate, channel selector, Thrust-To-Communicate button, EAB, at least one particular facet button, and at least a 2-position concentric and 3-position concentric change. Pretty clear-cut.

If you want to get all the details delivered in NFPA 1802, I stimulate you to go to www.NFPA.org and sign up for an account. The NFPA has quite a few other specifications you can discover, as well as the history of the group. Higher than all, it will enable you superior realize how the NFPA is trying to keep up with the at any time-transforming systems that affect your career, and, finally, you.