March 1, 2021


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How You Can Create a Charming Home Exterior

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The exterior of your home is like a book cover. It gives a glimpse of what is inside. But, some homeowners tend to miss out on this part. Is your exterior looking drab? Do you want to infuse more personality into it? Here are some brilliant inspirations for you.

Check on Broken Features

An exterior that is falling apart is an eyesore. Thus, before making any changes, it is practical to focus on fixing things first. Do you need to have a concrete repair to remove the cracks? Are the shingles of the roof missing? Can your windows still close without effort? Checking and fixing these things will not only beautify your exterior. It also ensures that you have a safe home. Your house can stand against harsh weather. Also, you can prevent untoward accidents from happening.

Have a Clear Path

A messy pathway confuses passersby. They will not take a second look at your home if you have a littered pathway. Thus, design a clear path. You can do this by using hedges or small shrubs as boundaries. You can also use different materials such as wood or stone materials to emphasize the trail. An overgrowth of plants can also score your pathway some negative points. You may want to produce a rustic look, but make sure that it does not go overboard.

Adding some features can also draw the attention of people to your path. Having an arbor and a small gate can give a lovely effect.

Add Bursts of Color

One of the easiest ways to make an attractive exterior is to rely on the vibrancy of colors. You may choose a neutral paint for the exterior of your home for a clean appearance. But, you can add vibrant colors to important parts for a beautiful finish. Make your door pop by painting it red or a royal blue. You can apply the same color to your shutters and trims.

Planting ornamental plants is another way to make your exterior colorful. Choose blooms that are pleasant to the eyes. You may have one color only or colors that complement one another.

Rig with Some Outdoor Furniture

Another strategy to add personality to your home exterior is through some furniture. It may be a simple table and chair set tucked in your garden’s corner. You can also put a hammock somewhere that is under a shade. Your porch can house different furniture, such as a small sofa set or a porch swing.

Having such elements make your home look inviting and very comfortable. It seems to beckon to a passerby to stop and take a minute admiring your home.

Make It Glow

Light fixtures are wise additions to your home. They illuminate the exterior of your home while adding an extra layer of effect to it. You can choose between some designs. Vintage lamps give your home a rustic appeal. If you are more of the modern type, then you may go with scone lights. You may also go the whimsical path by choosing jar lights or fairy lights. You can make your personality glow by your choice of light designs.

Aside from the charm they bring, lights also prevent a burglary from taking place. They also help people, may they be members of your household or a guest, to navigate their way after dark.

Giving your exterior a makeover is a worthy home improvement project. It adds beauty, safety, and a clean finish to the part of your home exposed to many people.