April 13, 2021


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How to Weather the Storm: Storm Shelters in Texas & Oklahoma

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For many reasons, one may be reluctant to buy Storm Shelters in Texas & Oklahoma. Some families are concerned about affordability. Some may have some concerns about the return on their investment and feel that they perhaps will not find it useful. 


Others may be convinced that their alternatives will do the trick. It can also be argued that it is the familiarity of storms, that makes one numb to prepare for the worst.


Texas alone has been hit over 140 times this year, and Oklahoma was hit with 61 tornadoes just in the month of May of this year, and this is not including hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. Hurricanes need no explanation, but no one should underestimate the gusto of a severe thunderstorm either, as they can produce dangerous winds, large hail, and lightning. 


Simply put, after so many times of hearing the wolf, it may seem less severe than what it truly is at times. However, it is possible that these conclusions may be based more on assumption, and tradition, rather than fact. The unpredictability of weather could cause many to lose the gamble.


Rough and Tough Winds


As appreciative as civilians are of the technology that backs weather reporting, it is not 100% accurate 100% of the time. Should the winds rebel like a wild horse in Oklahoma rangeland, families can be prepared for the hit with a select storm shelter. 


Quality storm shelters that are assembled properly are made with steel, which beats the wood framing that most homes are built with. Wood is not only not as secure as steel, but it can cause more damage when the storm hits, and leave families caught under debris after a storm hits.


The Perfect Fit


If a family is convinced that they need shelter and they don’t know where to start, it may be helpful to think about what type would be most compatible with their home. Fortunately, there are many designs to choose from. Some are above ground and some are below. 


Families can depend on the expertise of professionals as they make their final selections according to their personal needs. They may need to take into consideration the size of their family, the type of storms they will typically need to be protected from if it will fit with the way their home is structured, etc.


Worth the Investment


Perhaps one of the biggest concerns that deter families from choosing to purchase a storm shelter is the price, which frankly is, understandable. However, families may be happy to find that there is financing available for such a purchase. Though this may be good news to many, the benefits may seem invaluable to families who are faced with the unexpected torment of a storm. According to KOTV, Moore, Oklahoma was hit by a tornado and all 3,000 families with registered storm shelters survived. 


https://www.newson6.com/story/22441328/researchers-study-how-storm-shelters-in-moore-withstood-the-tornado. Not only can families better their chances of surviving dangerous weather with a storm shelter, but they are also kept safe from debris like shattered glass, cinder blocks, brick, splintering wood and the like.


The costly Element of Surprise


In 2018, the city of Marshalltown was hit by surprise as tornadoes destroyed the town. It was reported by the local news that there would possibly be a thunderstorm later in the day, needless to say, there were few if any preparation for the damage that would be caused by this storm. This unfortunate event is sadly not the only one. 


Storm Shelters in Texas & Oklahoma may especially be useful. To assume that a tornado can’t be formed quickly on the Oklahoma plains, or that the Atlantic won’t produce a deadly hurricane with little notice, could be a big mistake. Storm shelters can be useful to protect but they can also save lives.