How To Steam Clean A Mattress?

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Steam cleaning is the process of using steamed water for cleaning the surfaces of your homes. Today, it has become the most widely chosen cleaning solution in many households due to its simple yet effective and efficient way of ridding fungus, germs and bacteria that could trigger ill health. 


Let’s take a look at how the kind of steam cleaning process most professional cleaning services follow.


Step 1 – Removal Of Sheets And Bedding


Before you start with mattress cleaning, all coverings and decoratives need to be stripped off from the bed surface. Blankets, pillows including covers that you sleep on. You also need to take off the linens such as fitted sheets, top sheets including mattress protectors and move on with giving your bedding a thorough good wash without allowing it to shrink. 


Step 2 – Vacuum The Mattress


Many people think vacuuming takes quite a long time just by judging the size of the mattress itself. However, it doesn’t, therefore you can easily fit in as a regular part of your household cleaning regime. Vacuuming not only addresses fungal build-up and the controlling of dust mites, but also takes off fresh spills or stain spots without a fuss. Further, you are free to use additional attachments that work for various nooks, crannies, and seams on the surface of your mattress.


Next, you can treat your mattress to a steam cleaning session to penetrate right into the surface to absorb stubborn bacteria caused by sweating and other bodily fluid waste. 

Step 3 – Allow the Mattress To Dry


Once you clean the mattress texture it will feel a little damp and moist. This is crucial because if you put back the mattress covers without allowing it to dry properly, it can cause mold to form and unwanted dirt to land on it again. Instead, you can pay attention to leaving your mattress out in the sunlight. This will dry out due to the power of UV light killing up all the remaining germs on the surface. 


Step 4 – Keep Your Mattress Clean


Once your mattress has gone through a detailed cleaning procedure, it would be wise to flip or rotate your mattress for maintenance purposes. Doing so can even out the pressure of the mattress to all sides so that sagging is prevented eventually boosting its lifespan and durability strength.