April 19, 2021


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How to safely remove a wall from your kitchen

Renovations and demolitions happen every so often and for different reasons, some for personal aesthetic...
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Renovations and demolitions happen every so often and for different reasons, some for personal aesthetic value, for a business venture like opening up a YouTube channel for cooking recipes, and others for family and friends’ dinners, gatherings, and parties. Opening up the kitchen makes it more functional and attractive. While removing a wall from your kitchen, it’s essential to consider the wiring that has gone into the wall, the plumbing effects, the sink, and the heat ducts. 

If the kitchen wall to remove is structural, one will consult a structural engineer to assess the border. Moreover, one would consider a plumber, structural engineer in this exercise. The cost of removing a wall is a significant factor to consider as this varies on the professionalism and the amount of time taken.

One of the questions one asks is that, is it right for the lifestyle to leave, and is it worth it for an upgrade? For family purposes, it’s necessary to consider whether you want to keep an eye on your kids while you cook? Another consideration is whether the wall you’re removing is load-bearing or not. Most of the walls in the house are used to partition different rooms in the house. If the wall in question to be demolished is a structural wall, special precautions must be put in place. A steel beam is the best option to replace a load-bearing wall or pillars to support the ceiling and floor.

The floor space and ceilings attached to the wall removed is another consideration as this may also increase the amount of money spent. The ceiling, floor, and the wall demolishing all have to blend in and not look too much. The type of paint used while doing the finishing is also an essential factor to consider. The type of wood used on the floor can be tricky if its hardwood and the direction to which it’s running, and if it’s in good condition.

 Some of the advantages of removing a kitchen wall include;

  • Increases natural light- removing a wall can give space to widen a window that will bring in sunlight during the day and increase air circulation throughout.
  • Saves on time — one can cook while also working on his/her laptop or even having a conversation with family and friends.
  • Adds space without altering the footprint of the home. It saves on the thought of building another kitchen outside the main house.
  • Transforms your home- the kitchen is an integral part of the family, and opening it up to create space will give your home a more welcoming feel.
  • Increases your home value — the market value of one’s home increases upon renovations, and this can be an extra income if one opts to rent it out or lease it for a particular period.

Some of the disadvantages are;                            

  • It reduces privacy and creates more noise in the kitchen, which can be unpleasing.
  • It is expensive — the total cost incurred can be too much, and one may require taking up a loan to service the expenses, and paying back with interest can be costly.
  • One may lose a room — as earlier mentioned, a wall is used to partition different rooms in the house, and removing a kitchen wall either that adjourns to either the sitting room or one of the bedrooms may result in losing a room.

While removing a wall, whether in the kitchen or other parts of the home, one needs to weigh what is most important and if removing it is worth it. It can be a difficult task or an easy one depending on the type of wall released.