How to Makes Kitchen Look More Spacious and Tidy

Kitchenette is far easier to set up and cleaned up quickly. The tips in this article will help you turn a mess into a neat kitchen.

Change the placement of goods horizontally into storage vertically by utilizing the kitchen wall. Move the gear of the plate rack cabinets to walls and cabinets under the kitchen table. For loans tips, you can see through

A small kitchen can be arranged in such a way so that it looks and feels more spacious if you know how to organize a simple kitchen appropriately. The key is to optimize the storage of utensils vertically, rather than horizontally. Closets is one solution for placing objects that initially takes place in the kitchen. The fewer items scattered on the kitchen floor, the more roomy kitchen area anyway.

Structuring a tiny kitchen right will also facilitate your movement during the activity in the kitchen and led to the efficiency of the cooking time.

Key points:

  • Make the area around the sink drain as well as a newly washed kitchen utensils
  • Suspending the kitchen shelves, you get a bonus space when cooking
  • Take advantage of the cupboard under the sink to hide the trash and clean kitchen equipment

How to organize a small kitchen

You could consider some changes to the layout in the kitchen needed to install vertical storage places. Massive overhaul is not always necessary. Adding some wall cupboard unit is sufficient to make it easier to organize small kitchen space. As much as possible close all the walls on the kitchen table with the units of the closet, anyway you do not need a space in the wall to move in the kitchen, leaving enough space for preparing meals 50-60cm between the surface of the kitchen table and base cupboard wall. Select units cabinets that reach up to the ceiling so as not to leave a gap between the ceiling and roof of the closet.

Here are tips on structuring simple kitchen:

  • Move the gear from the kitchen shelves into cupboards. The goal is to empty the kitchen shelves and eventually get rid of it. Thus, the kitchen becomes significantly more spacious without a kitchen shelf. Moreover, storing utensils in cabinets make the kitchen more neat and concise.
  • While moving the gear from the rack to the closet, break your kitchen utensils. Remove excess equipment, obsolete, and no longer needed. For example, you do not need to three baskets of rice and piled basin, three variations of the size of the pot and the skillet should be enough for everyday cooking. Adjust the number of items by the size of your family. Wash utensils dusty with liquid dish soap, such as Sunlight Lime 100, before being transferred to the cabinet.
  • Make the area around the sink drain as well as a newly washed kitchen appliances to replace the shelf. In this way at the same time make the kitchen more sterile of bacteria due to direct water drips down the drain, while the water dish rack falls to the floor. Make sure the gear dry before storage into the cabinets.
  • Take advantage of the cupboard under the sink to store trash, hygiene and cleaning products, including a bottle of dish soap.

How to organize your kitchen appliances

In restructuring the kitchen equipment, you need to consider ease of access. Place each kitchen equipment in an easily accessible location when you move in the kitchen. Here are tips to organize the kitchen so neat to store kitchen supplies at appropriate locations as needed:

  • small tools such as spoons, forks, graters, knives, etc.-can be placed in drawers under the kitchen table.
  • The cupboards under the kitchen table can be used to store spices, dried food supplies, and other tools.
  • If the cabinets in the kitchen are not enough to accommodate all the gear, move essential supplies eat-plates, bowls, cups, glasses-to the cupboard in the dining room. This location also makes it easier to prepare the dinner table.
  • Cupboard under the kitchen table near the stove suitable for storing pots and pans so easy to reach.
  • Develop tools in closets and cabinets under the kitchen table vertically as well.