How to make the most of online holiday get-togethers

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — With the CDC encouraging everyone to have limited, physical gatherings this holiday season, one expert has some tips for having a meaningful virtual get-together.

Our typical holiday get-togethers usually involve gathering around a table with plenty of food. This year, it’s more likely that the gathering will happen around a computer screen. Life coach Taylor Simpson said video conferencing may be a bit awkward, but offered some ideas to set the tone.

“What you can do, like the Brady Bunch, all the squares around, pick the youngest person to go first, or the oldest, whatever you want.”

One option is to have each person share one thing for which they are grateful. Simpson said setting that foundation allows everyone to share on a deeper level.

“It could be grateful for your dog, or the roof over your head,” she suggested. “I would leave it at 15-20 seconds, something simple.”

Another idea, she said, is to plan an activity to share together. For instance everyone buys a gingerbread house kit beforehand.

“Then on the Zoom, you literally build the gingerbread houses together. Talk about a unique way to create a fun and memorable experience,” she said.

Simpson admitted that in her own family, when they did this, not everyone built the gingerbread house. But overall, she said it will still become a memory that no one will forget.