How to Make a Terrarium

Not all of us are blessed with a green thumb value a solarium. For individuals erring on the careful side of blooming furniture, terrariums are a minimal-upkeep way to continue to keep succulents alive in their very own micro-habitat. They also make for easily stunning centerpieces and accent pieces that include a small greenery to your desk. If you have not picked up a gardening kit, maintain subsequent for the quick, Do it yourself way to develop a terrarium habitat your vegetation will adore.


  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Succulents
  • Rocks
  • Glass jar or exhibit
  • Brush (optional)

    Construct a Foundation

    Succulents demand less water than standard houseplants, but they are nonetheless inclined to root rot and mineral contamination. Clean and rinse the glass jar or exhibit thoroughly to make confident it truly is cleanse of dust or contaminants.

    Soon after drying the glass, insert rocks to the bottom of the container to variety a smaller layer of safety from the roots sitting in drained water. Porous stones like lava rock, are most effective for drainage, but river stones or washed rocks from your yard can also supply protection from root rot.

    Insert a number of inches of soil to permit for more root expansion. A fantastic guidebook is twice the duration of your plants’ present root ball measurement. So if your plants have two to 3 inches of root development, insert two to three inches of soil to the bottom layer.

    Protected Your Succulents

    Add vegetation to the foundation levels, packing a layer of topsoil on top rated to secure them in place. At the time the vegetation are properly potted, incorporate a layer of sand higher than the new topsoil layer. Then include decorations like very small homes or moss.

    Suggestion: Use a brush to evenly distribute topsoil and sand above the succulents.

    Maintaining the Terrarium

    Drinking water the terrarium and spot it by a vivid window. Water every single two weeks or as wanted when the soil is dry to the touch. Check for excessive drinking water by lifting the terrarium and checking beneath, getting cautious not to overwater.

    Use as a live centerpiece to add greenery to a kitchen table or entryway.

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