How to Improve and Handle Cucumber

How to Improve and Handle Cucumber

Cucumber is a vine once-a-year crop that is in need as a salad dessert item in each meal for  the whole family members and a industrial crops. It is grown and tolerates in an acidic soil involving 5.5 – 6.eight pH and 2.5 Ec tolerance of salinity.

It response satisfactorily in a whole sunlight publicity as towards a shady places.

It could adapt to a temperature at an early planting on the final spring frost, that is when the first apples bloom.

Plant treatment specifications

Initial and foremost, pick the wide range that is not flavor bitter. There are some cucumber species that are bitter.

But you can reduce this bitterness by planting them in a average weather conditions ailment. Prevent planting cucumber in higher temperature especially with inadequate drinking water supply, considering that the fruits very well create a bitter flavor.

Most bitter portion of the fruit is identified in close proximity to the skin, and the areas near to the stem.

Choose some versions that are bitter-totally free even under pressure ailment.

To have a superior fruit good quality, plant them at distance of forty eight”-60″ aside . Practice the plants by putting help like fences, trellis or cages.


Cucumber demands to be pruned to deliver a better fruit good quality and reduce some pest and ailment assaults. Pruning also improves the plant stand and eradicate unwanted branches that competes vitamins and minerals specifications.

In this article are the actions in pruning cucumber…

1)   Take out the lateral vines which include flowers and fruits up to the fifth node.

2)   Allow to create fruits on the 6th node up

three)   In each secondary vines let two fruits to create then minimize the idea after the 3rd node.

Fertilizer Necessities

For better result, basally utilize an all purpose fertilizer just before planting, adopted by making use of side gown in involving rows with urea during fruiting stage at about I tablespoonful of 33– in each plant.

Drinking water Prerequisite

Cucumber does not tolerate in waterlogged soil. You ought to pick a very well-drained soil but preventing a dry soil. Utilize drinking water when the soil dries up. Keeping the soil moist at all times.

Pests and ailment handle

Cucumber and other cucurbits have identical pests and illnesses. In any stages of the plant development, these pests and illnesses assaults.

Insect Pests

Chemical Management

Natural Management


(Ampalaya, upo, patola, squash, cucumber, melon, kondol, chayote)

-Squash beetle

-Fruit fly

-Leaf folder



-Cucurbit bugs

-Thrips & Mites

-White flies

-Root grub

Azodrin 168 EC, Decis, Seven, Malathion

Attractant, Malathion

Malathion, Lannate

Tamaron, Confidor

Actara, Selecr54on, Malathion, Cymbush



Malathion, Azodrin


Predators, cultural, botanical

Parasites, Predators

Cultural, Parasites, Predators, Botanical

Botanical. Predators

Botanical, Predators, Parasites

Cultural, Botanical, Predators

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Cucumber can be harvested 40 Days after planting, or you can see by ocular inspection exactly where you can expect to pick the fruit when they access at a wanted sizing.

You can harvest them for whatever purpose you intend to use them.


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