October 19, 2021


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How To Furnish A Studio Apartment For Under $one,000.00

This posting germinated from a bet that I designed with my nephew. He was about to go into his second yr of faculty and experienced just moved from the dorms into his have studio condominium and essential furniture. Just after telling his dad and mom he could not potentially furnish his condominium for fewer than $4,000, I confirmed him he could do it for underneath a grand and be joyful with the final results.

He and I spent an afternoon on the net, and voila! Here is how we did it:

Bed. He opted for a futon. We purchased the Baja Futon package for $385.00 from Futon Creations. It provided the frame, mattress, and protect with matching pillows. We picked up mattress sheets and blankets for an $33.00 (shipping and delivery provided) from ebay. The fantastic matter about a futon is that simply because the studio is modest, folding the futon into a couch permits a spot for friends to sit and tends to make the home truly feel extra roomy.

Computer system Desk for $278.00. We uncovered a great laptop desk on the net from Versa Solutions, Inc. He purchased the thirty” Adjustable Classroom Desk in black laminate and outfitted it with a tilting, ergonomic twenty” keyboard arm and tray. Simply because Versa Solutions ships all of its solutions for free, we only paid out for the value of the products. We’re now up to $696.00

Desk for $forty four.00 from the Thrift Retail outlet. One particular of the Thrift Retailers in our location sells furniture and we uncovered a table that was strong and large adequate to seat two folks. We purchased the table for $19.00 then paid out my handyman neighbor $twenty.00 to shorten it to the proper top when seated on the ground, and to refinish it in black. Two pillows on sale from JC Penney for $five.00 give you a thing to sit on when ingesting at the table, but for the rest of the time, it capabilities beautifully as a coffee table in entrance of the futon. We’re at $730.00.

Bookshelf. Rather of acquiring premade bookshelf, we went to a local components retail store and purchased unfinished cabinets, supports, and a can of black lacquer. Alternating their heights, we converted one wall-albeit the smallest one-into a “storage and display wall” for his publications, CDs, sports memorabilia, etcetera. All in all, it price us $sixty four.00. Up to $794.00.

T.V. Thinking about we had been left with a mere $206.00 for a t.v., we had been a bit pressed to see if my idea about furnishing this condominium for underneath a grand was definitely heading to work. In the end, it did. We purchased a twenty” flat display screen television from NextTag and a swiveling wall mount for a total of $two hundred.00. The finest aspect about the wall mount is that the television can effortlessly be moved so it can be considered from the futon, the table, the desk, or even the kitchenette. Simply because the home itself is so modest, an outsized television-even even though my nephew would’ve desired one, is not important. The more compact television suffices. Grand total… $994.00 for a thoroughly furnished studio condominium and lots of revenue left around to invest on other items. I despise to say it, but… I informed you so.