fabrication is a series of work of several components of material in the form of plates, pipes or steel profiles coupled and formed step by step based on certain items until it becomes a form that can be mounted into a series of production equipment and construction. pennsylvania custom fabricating is Highest Standard Fabricating

Fabrication work, in general, there are 2 kinds:

1.Workshop Fabrications
2.Site Fabrications

1.Workshop Fabrications

Fabrication Combination and Dust Cooler

Fabrications Workshop is a fabrication and construction process undertaken in a building or building in which all kinds of tools and machinery are prepared for the production process and other fabrication works such as welding machine, plate cutting machine, bending machine, Overhead cranes and others.

2.Site Fabrications

Roll Plat

Site Fabrications is a fabrication and construction process undertaken outside of a building or workshop more precisely the work is done in an open field area, in the location where the building will be established. That is all kinds of fabrication production process done, from stockpiling material, cut and drill material, process Assembling, Welding process, finishing process, sandblast process and painting and construction installation process.


Fabrication Workshop

In the fabrication process, many installed machines that serve as a supporter of the smooth work of fabrication include:
Bending machine
Roll machine
Machine sharing
welding machine
Shotblast Machine
Painting machine
and others.

Also installed equipment such as:
Overhead crane
Material carriage
pipe installation
Gas co2
Air compressor
Water line and electrical installation
Phone installation
Installation of machine tools
Installation of a local network
and others.


The fabrication process includes several stages:
The marking process, ie the process of measuring and forming sketches directly in the material of all items based on shop drawing.
Cutting process, which is cutting process material using the cutting torch or cutting machine available.
Drilling process, ie drilling process and making bolt holes according to size.
The assembling process, namely the process of setting and assembling the material into finished form.
The welding process, which is the process of welding all items based on the procedure
Finishing process, namely the process of cleaning and grinding of all material surfaces from tig weld marks and others.
The process of blasting, the sand spraying process uses air pressure to all parts of the material surface to remove dirt, crude, and certain metal layers.
The process of painting, namely the process of painting the material according to the procedure specified.