Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally & Enjoy That Family BBQ

Life is made of moments, and no one wants family moments like a family cookout to be spoiled by bloodsucking insects like mosquitoes. Families have tried all sorts of remedies to make sure their cookouts and BBQs are as mosquito-free as possible but most have relied on store-bought repellents with questionable ingredients. The following are a few tips to help repel insects as naturally as possible.

A Natural Plan to Repel Mosquitoes

The plan really consists of knowing what natural ingredients might help repel mosquitoes. The following are just some good examples:

A Natural Barrier

Having a professional spray an all natural mosquito protection should be a great investment. These natural barriers are made up of natural essential oils. The scent that is left is natural, beautiful, and safe, but it will dissipate. Of course, mosquitoes will still be able to smell the scent, and it will continue to repel them for a while. Another application should be done every 14 days. This should definitely help keep that cookout as mosquito-free as possible.

Try Some Herbs

You are probably BBQ-ing a great piece of meat, and the steam is just rising. You can use this steam to repel these insects. All you have to do is use herbs like rosemary or basil. Both of these herbs have a strong smell that naturally repels these insects. The herbs are going to give your meat dishes an interesting taste while helping to keep your entire family mosquito bite-free.

Tent the Area

Of course, some people want to go the extra mile to make sure that no insect disturbs them while cooking and eating. It is okay to make sure that your family day is undisturbed, and one thing that should work is placing a mosquito tent around your yard. Some tents are specifically designed to keep out bugs, and they are relatively easy to install and remove.

Be Sure to not Attract Them

It might also be a good idea to not do anything to attract these pests to the BBQ. This means that you should tell guests to not exercise right before arriving. Mosquitoes love the scent of carbon dioxide, and it is particularly strong when someone sweats. It might also be a good idea to tell guests to wear light colors, as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Be sure to remind everyone that mosquitoes might be attracted to floral or fruity scents, which means perfumes and colognes should be used sparingly if used at all.

These are just a few tips to keep that family get together as comfortable as possible. You know how annoying it can be to enjoy a good moment while flicking off mosquitoes. Hopefully, these tips help make sure that you have a good cookout.