April 16, 2021


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Everything You Should Know About Pool Pumps

It doesn’t matter if you need a pool pump for a new pool or to...

It doesn’t matter if you need a pool pump for a new pool or to upgrade the old one, because it is one of the most critical parts that will maintain the efficiency of your pool, which is why you should find the perfect one.

When it comes to pool pumps, you should remember that it is a long-term investment in your pool’s overall health, and you have to understand what your pool requires so that you can determine features that will accommodate it.

What Is a Pool Pump?

Every single pool must have a plumbing system so that you can filter out and place water inside. Pool circulation is one of the most critical factors that will affect your plumbing system, which is why you need an appropriate pump that will create the flow.

It is vital to avoid making your pool into a pond, which is why you should create a circulation in which filtration will pump the lousy water out and put the clean one inside in a matter of seconds.

Before you decide to find a new pump for your particular requirements, it is vital to understand how it functions.

  • The Housing – This particular part consists of a basket and bucket as well as a clear lid on the top. The main idea is that pool water will enter the bucket and go through the basket so that it can reach the filter.
  • The Impeller – It is vital to understand that impeller is inverted blade which is fast spinning that cuts and sucks the water in and throws it towards the filter.
  • The Motor – The engine drives the pump to work, and it is on the back of the housing. Its primary purpose is to spin the impeller so that the function could happen.

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Different Types of Pool Pumps

Since the very beginning, you should have in mind that pool pumps have changed their appearance and working technology. Now, you can find three essential types on the market such as:

  1. Single Speed Pumps

You should have in mind that the first type of pool pumps that appeared in general sales is the only speed pump that featured a motor that spins the impeller at one speed based on the horsepower of the engine.

Some states have prohibited the use of single speed pumps because they are not eco-friendly as other types. That is why you should be aware and check the regulations and laws in your state before you make up your mind.

2. Dual-Speed Pumps

You probably understand that dual speed pumps feature two speeds: high and low which are perfect for various situations. The low rate uses less energy, and it is not efficient enough to provide you water turnover.

On the other hand, the high speed will provide you the efficiency of a single speed pump, while the next one is a slow one.

3. Variable-Speed Pumps

The most advanced and expensive solutions that you can find on the market are the ones with variable speed system, mainly because it is the best investment that will pay itself off in time.

It doesn’t have induction motor as other pumps that you can find on the market, but you will get the one that features permanent magnet motor similar to in electric cars. It creates less friction, and that means high efficiency.

Since they consume less power, you will be able to turn water without any additional problem. You will also be able to choose lower RPM than other types, and higher speed as well based on your needs and pool’s capacity.

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Features to Consider When Checking Out Pool Pumps

  • Above or In-Ground – The type of pump depends on whether you own above or in-ground pool. Even though they are interchangeable, it is the best choice to purchase the one that will accommodate the needs of your pool.
  • HP – It is vital to check out the power of your pump, and more you have it the faster the water will turn over, and that means that in short period, you will be able to cleanse everything. Of course, you should check out the filtration system pipes and size of the filter. If you have a pump with plenty of horsepowers and small screen, that will create havoc too.