April 11, 2021


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Ensure Safety by Choosing The Right Anti Slip Products for Your Property

Everyone values the importance of safety and when it is about skidding due to slippery...

Everyone values the importance of safety and when it is about skidding due to slippery surfaces, no one would ever like to see his/her near and dear ones to suffer. According to the experts, to ensure 100% safety, the use of the right product at the right place plays a crucial role. The companies that are into this provide a comprehensive range of anti slip products to be used just correctly.

With the need and requirement, there are different products available, but the best thing is that a single product can never be used in different places. The following are some of the different kinds of products that are used for anti slip treatment—

  • Anti-slip chemicals for treatment
  • Non-Skid FRP step covers
  • Anti Slip Tapes
  • Slip-resistant floor care
  • Anti-skid coatings

Anti Slip Chemical for Treatment

The popular companies have with them some of the best chemicals to be used as anti-slip treatment for floors. Like other anti slip products, the chemicals used are water-based, easy to use, less odor, and economical. The solution is very much effective and has the potential to treat wet hard tile floors, unsealed concrete, porcelain, and enamel bathtubs.

The chemical used in the manufacturing of this particular product has been formulated keeping in mind that it addresses three different hard floor surfaces effectively—

  • Slippery surfaces when wet for natural unsealed floors like porcelain, ceramic, granite
  • Slippery surfaces when wet for unsealed concrete
  • Slippery surfaces for unsealed showers and porcelain tubs

Anti-slip Tapes

These are the types of anti slip products that come in different variants for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. The manufacturers make sure that the tapes and cleats have textures, width and length, and grit sizes of different types. Apart from this, the manufacturers keep in mind the adhesiveness, longevity, bonding, water and chemical resistance for most of the surfaces.

Another variant of tapes is cleats and tape that signals a visual warning. Thus, one needs to ensure that the right product is purchased for application.

Non-Skid FRP step covers

Steps are one of the most vulnerable places where accidents due to slipping tend to happen. Non-slip FRP step covers are the effective anti slip products meant for staircases. No matter whether you have step ways made up of wood, metal, stone or brick- the step covers act as a protective layer. The best part is that customized sizes are available.

Anti-skid coatings

If you are searching for the most effective non-skid products, then the non-skid coating can be a great way of getting what you want. It is used more popularly in walkways, ramps, steps, floors of warehouses, factories, pallet trucks and many more. 

Slip-resistant floor care

It includes a comprehensive range of specialty cleaning products that assist in the deep cleaning of the surfaces. It is perhaps the only one amongst the anti slip products that are used for the maintenance of the surface. Also, the application of the product enhances the effectiveness of all the other types of anti-slip treatment. 


Based on the information regarding the available different anti-slip products, it can be easily concluded that the use of the right products stands important when it comes to getting the best from it.