Do You Really Need Gutters?

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself if gutters are necessary. They cost a fair amount and don’t look like the most attractive of home additions, but they do in fact play an important role for the home. Whether its copper gutters or GRP gutters, many homes can benefit from them and there are only certain circumstances where gutters are perhaps not entirely necessary.

Check Your Location

The first thing you have to do is to analyse where you live. ask yourself if you get a lot of rain in your location? Take note if your home is on a hill, as this will probably help prevent your home from getting flooded if there is a heavy amount of rainfall. Homes that have slopes either side do not necessarily need gutters, copper gutters or otherwise, as the rainfall will simply drain away. You’re relatively fortunate if you live in such an area, as you are unlikely to be subject to flooding. The important thing is to find some way for the rain to drain away, and if you don’t have any suitable means to do this then gutters are going to be the answer. Copper gutters are a fine choice and a worthy consideration if you do decide gutters are necessary and therefore need to be fitted on your home.

US vs UK

Interestingly, the need for gutters is often determined by the country in which you live. Those in the US, for example, will find that there are certain areas which don’t get much rainfall at all, whereas the UK is known for its heavy flood-risk months. It’s no surprise then that the majority of the UK residents have gutters installed, so they can prevent their homes getting flooded. Copper gutters are perhaps the most popular choice in the UK, as they are supremely durable and long lasting, which is a necessity. After all, with the amount of rainfall the UK gets on average per year, there is no doubt that homes need strong gutters put in place to cope! Think of it this way – if there is more than 15 inches of rain that falls each year, then chances are you could do with some guttering. It’s certainly not something you can put down to ‘chance’ since flooding is a risk everyone should be aware of.

The Basic Guttering Purpose

Gutters are necessary to control the flow of rain and they are fitted under the roof ledge on the front and back of the home. You will notice a pipe that is positioned on the side of the property, and this is where the rain flows down. On larger buildings, there are often a number of downpipes in position across the building frontage. The downpipes help to relieve the water accumulation in the gutters and the contents then flow down the pipe and down the ground, draining away successfully and preventing damage to your home.

If you’re still in doubt about whether or not you should get guttering on your home, bear in mind that it could make the difference between a flooded property and one that stays perfectly dry. If you’re thinking about durability and gutters that will last a long time, copper gutters are the best choice.

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