April 13, 2021


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Detailed Guide On Everything You Need To Know About Anti Slip Paint

While it is vital for the office or home flooring to look great aesthetically, you...

While it is vital for the office or home flooring to look great aesthetically, you have to make it durable and functional at the same time. For example, flooring choices like stone, tile or solid wood will look fabulous. However, these flooring options have higher chances of slip and fall, causing some grave injuries if people aren’t careful enough. Now, you must be planning to have the best of both worlds – attractive flooring and anti-slip option. For that, getting your hands on the anti slip paint might be the right choice for you to make. 

In this article, you are come to learn All you need to know about anti-slip paint so that you can make the right choice later when the time comes. You can use this kind of anti-slip treatment effectively on multiple flooring options. Those options are terrazzo, tiles like vitrified, ceramic, mosaic, porcelain or quarry tiles, Stones like granite, marble, limestone and travertine, brick, concrete, reconstituted stone and more. 

Get to learn about the anti-slip treatment right now!

These anti-slip floor coats are likely to offer substantial protection for floors and even work great against slippery surfaces. It can diminish the odds of damage because of the inadvertent stumbling over the dry and wet regions of the floor.  

  • Nowadays, you have an assortment of such coats to choose from. They are available in the market from various reputed organisations.
  • The fundamental advantage of these coats is to provide proper hold on the surface in such a way, which will keep all kinds of incidents out of site.
  • Not just for the floors, but you can use the paints as bathtub treatments as well. The non-slip products will ensure that the floors remain grip-worthy even when there is water all around.
  • Moreover, these paints from some of the reputed centres can be used indoor or outdoor, according to your will. 
  • The high performing floor coating system will be used for domestic and industrial application both. 
  • Slips and falls are a major cause of workplace injuries and accidents; therefore, it is better to keep these paints handy.
  • These injuries mostly take place when workers, people or members of the public slip on some of the un-prepared wet floors. 
  • So, with the help of these anti-slip paints, you get the chance to protect workers and businesses for sure. This way, you don’t have to worry about workers’ compensation claims as well.

The features and performance to address right now:

You are likely to get the Anti Slip Paint in a single pack. So, once used, you might have to buy another paint pack for the next lot if the need arises. This single pack is ready to use the system. So, there is no need to mix two components together to form the solution. Just purchase the pack from reputed centres, and you are done. Another interesting feature is the quick-drying formula associated with the paint. It means, once applied, the paint will dry up completely at room temperature. It won’t take more than 30 minutes to complete the drying process.

  • Moreover, with the best paint, you can enjoy excellent water repellency. It means, no matter how wet the floor might be, but because of the anti-slippage paint, water will roll over the floor and to the side. So, it is hard for you to get tumbled over.
  • Furthermore, these paints are also quite resistant to alkalise, acids and other corrosive chemicals. So, even if you spill something on the floor accidentally, that won’t harm the working capability of these anti-slip paints for sure.
  • Another interesting factor is that these paints are UV resistance. That’s why you can use them for outdoor purposes as well, and everything will work out great for you. Once you have placed the coat on the real paint, it will take a few minutes to dry up, and you can easily start using that road once again!
  • The best part is that some selective manufacturing units are going to offer you anti slip paint in various colourful shades. So, if you don’t want to go for the transparent or white colour and to plan to add a pop of colour to the floor, now you can do that with this anti-slip paint. You can choose anywhere from warm or subtle colours, as per your choice.

Some advantages that you need to learn more about:

It is true that the points mentioned already are enough to show why people should aim for anti-skid coating these days. But, checking out some of the advantages extra will help you to be 100% sure before making a purchase. So, without wasting time, let’s get on with some details now.

  • The paint is pretty easy to apply and much like any regular paint. So, get yourself a paint roller and start painting. You can even use the conventional spray technique if you want to cover the area in the fastest possible manner with the anti-skid coating.
  • On the other hand, the entire task of placing the coat on the floor or any road is pretty quick and convenient. There are experts ready to cover the task on your behalf and for a little payment. So, give them their servicing fee, and you can then relax.
  • Another interesting factor with the anti-skid coating is that you can place it right on the concrete surface or the metal one. It will work out smoothly on any flat surface. Even with the rough outdoor road, this coating will work out well.
  • For some superior performance and easy repair services, this paint is what you should be looking for. Even if you want to aim for some rectification, you can do that with this coating as well and with ease.

The best part with anti slip paint is the zero-maintenance feature. So, once you have applied the coat, there is no need to go for any touch-up from time to time. It’s all done once placed. So, you get the chance to save a lot of manpower and time with this paint by your side.