October 20, 2021


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Common Mobile Home Repairs

A mobile home


Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular among many audiences because of their versatility and affordable price. A mobile home is also known as a trailer or residential caravan. It is a home that is usually built in the factory and then transported to the site where the house location will be. It is a prefabricated structure that is more than a house on wheels. Mobile homes like manufactured homes need repair if one wants them to last long. Some problems may be hard to fix and require a professional, but most problems are simple and easy to fix. While mobile homes are constructed in the factory, their set up and design are not that hard to maneuver. This is because the manufacturing techniques used for the house are simple.

Common repairs


One can do mobile home repairs once they identify what the problem is. Many people tend to think mobile homes are temporary places to live in and thus do not require repair. This, however, is completely wrong because while one may live in these structures temporarily, it does not mean they should be neglected. The following are some of the repairs that one can make on their mobile home:

1. Skirting repair


Every mobile home has skirting which is a number of panels located between the ground and the mobile home. The skirting has a number of benefits for the home such as protecting it, providing insulation and makes the home appealing. In some states also having skirting that is damaged or not repaired is illegal and may lead to litigation. It is important to repair the skirting if it is rusty, corroded and has holes or dents. If the panels are completely damaged, they can also be replaced.

2. Roof repair


Mobile home roofs are usually made from asphalt shingles, rubber or aluminum. Depending on the material that is used, one will experience different problems at home. It is essential to fix any roof problems to prevent any leaks, any water damage on the walls and roofs and eradicates the risk of the roof collapsing. Some of the common problems that one can experience with mobile home roofs include: damage for heat and wind, water damage and leaks, wear and tear, missing screws and nails and poor heat insulation. If one is unable to fix some of these problems on their own, they can contact a professional.

3. Door repair


Doors are made by manufacturers in a standard size that is recommended. Fixing a door problem is therefore not as hard as one may think because one can visit a store and purchase another. Doors are important in one’s mobile home repair because they provide security for the household and also are resistant to weather. If one’s door is faulty, they may end up getting robbed because the security is not as tight. Some of the common problems with doors in the mobile home include: loose hinges and screws, bent cracked and doors, uneven movement and a door that does not provide insulation from outside.

4. Window repair


Windows like doors are manufactured in the same standard size. This means one can easily get a replacement if their window is faulty. Some of the common problems with windows are a broken window or a window frame that is damaged. Fixing this can be done simply at home if one has the right articles to use.



Mobile homes need to be properly taken care of and maintained to ensure they are secure and safe for living. They should not be dismissed because they are not permanent living structures and left for dead.